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Enhancing marketing effectiveness through multi-channel content, analytics, change management and sales force integration

The pharma market is undergoing a significant transformation and shifting focus toward new digital health solutions.

Digital Marketing and Sales for Pharma is a series of free, live webinars that invite pharma marketing and sales experts to tackle the key challenges facing pharma marketers today - in particular, keeping up with an industry that is increasingly fast paced, agile and data driven.  

Drive greater inbound lead generation by optimizing your content marketing ecosystem to deliver value to the wider community

Enhance your capabilities as a change agent in order to increase the speed of adoption of new models of marketing and sales force effectiveness

Develop an effective multi-channel customer engagement strategy across B2B and B2C channels

Leverage data and analytics to optimize marketing activities and guide marketing investment decisions

Integrate your sales and marketing initiatives to enhance efficiency and reduce waste

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Digital Marketing & Sales | Agenda

Tuesday 23rd June

Four strategies for building agility into your marketing ecosystem - 2pm BST
The keynote session, hosted by SGK Health will delve into the importance of understanding your customer, how to build a unique relationship with them, and strategies for building brand trust with your customers. The session will also touch upon how to build agility into your marketing ecosystem to increase your product’s speed to market. Join John to: 
  • Learn how to achieve the agility to build strong international sponsorship and change management experience to thrive in pharma’s competitive environment
  • Streamline your workflow practices to increase your products speed-to-market
  • Gain solutions from experienced consulting teams to better understand your customer, build your brand’s trust and maximize your revenue
  • Strategize how to achieve high levels of effectiveness, marketing agility, and consistently deliver high results 
Speaker: John Lawrence,  Consultant at SGK Health

Leveraging social channels as an effective way to capture market share in competitive and commoditized markets – 3pm BST
In her previous role, Milijana was responsible for the marketing of a new product in the highly competitive and generic anaphylaxis market. Attend this session to hear how she was able to achieve significant cut through by:
  • Utilizing market research and customer insights in order to better understand the patient journey
  • Partnering with nontraditional online platforms in order to share content and messaging 
  • Securing the necessary approvals for marketing innovation and overcoming the traditional risk aversion within the pharma industry
Speaker: Milijana Drobnjak, Director Marketing, Market Access at Novartis
How to increase market visibility, maximize ROI and enhance data capabilities in digital campaigns – 4pm BST
The proliferation of new analytical tools combined with the growth of digital marketing channels has massively transformed pharma marketing in recent years and unlocked a number of opportunities for pharma companies to better understand their data, engage with their patients and establish better return on investment (ROI) goals. However, even though analytical tools are becoming more widely available in the pharma industry, marketers are still facing challenges in adapting their commercial models for the digital era. In Masood’s session learn how to strengthen your digital commercial marketing capabilities by:
  • Integrating data from various sources – social media monitoring, approved content and email marketing – to form a coherent view of your customers behavior
  • Implementing rapid prototyping and A/B testing of value propositions and messaging to track, measure, and act on results to continuously improve commercial innovation and execution
  • Designing great customer experiences to strength brand experiences and deliver better interactions across all touchpoints of the marketing campaign
Masood Sahibzada, Head of Digital Marketing at Raremark

Wednesday 24th June

Best practice strategies for being an effective change agent – 3pm BST
The biggest challenge facing marketers in the pharmaceutical industry is not that they don’t have the right tools for the job. Instead, they have the tools but often the business at large are too risk averse to use them. With that in mind, Ignacio will share how pharma marketers have approached this challenge, with specific reference to:
  • Developing a change management and communication framework
  • Building on small wins in order to engage in more wholesale transformation projects
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies for securing senior management buy
Ignacio Quiles Lara, Global Marketing & Commercial Operations Senior Director, OncoHematology at AbbVie
Increasing patient experience, engagement and conversion through increased personalization – 4pm BST
In his role, Philippe is responsible for integrating business requirements and available technology to transition MSD’s marketing activities from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ marketing. Specifically, he achieves this goal by helping HCPs better understand their patients. In this session he will cover:
  • Engaging in traditional face-to-face marketing activities to build relationships
  • Utilizing data to better understand patients' needs and preferences
  • Leveraging marketing automation to ensure patients get the message and are presented with the 'next best action'
  • Combining branded and unbranded social channels to ensure customers get the right messaging for where they are in the buying cycle
Philippe Kirby, Digital Capabilities & Analytics Lead at MSD

Philippe Kirby

Philippe Kirby

Digital Capabilities and Analytics Lead


Ignacio Quiles Lara

Ignacio Quiles Lara

Global Marketing & Commercial Operations Senior Director, OncoHematology


John Lawrence

John Lawrence


SGK Health

Milijana Drobnjak

Milijana Drobnjak

Director Marketing, Market Access


Masood Sahibzada

Masood Sahibzada

Head of Digital Marketing


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