12th - 13th October 2021 | Germany

Disposable Solutions For Biomanufacturing Blog

Industry Overview

We collected insights from over 50 biopharma experts into a quick snapsnot of what the industries biggest focus is right now. Including how many people are actively moving towards continuous processing and what the main hurdles slowing them down are in this race to market. 

Process Efficiency in Biomanufacturing:

Biomanufacturing companies are constantly seeking out new ways to lower their cost of goods, improve process efficiency, gain operational flexibility and upgrade their facilities. In today’s bioprocessing industry, there is a demand to cut manufacturing costs while maintaining product safety and quality; flexibility needs to be increased and time to market reduced. 

Achieving Scalability and Flexibility

We spoke to Sharyn Farnsworth, Principal Scientist- Manager Cell Culture, Upstream Process Development, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies and Francis Verhoeye, Global Pilot Operations Leader, Zoetis to discuss the benefits of embedding scalability and flexibility in single use systems, and the challenges of making systems more flexible and scalable.