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Disposable Solutions: Industry Overview

Based on the opinions of over 50 biopharma experts, we have put together this industry overview discussing the latest drivers and challenges for the single-use market. This report covers topics including investigating continuous bioprocessing, flexibility in single-use systems, and the need to seek new products from suppliers. 

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Key Findings Include:

  • 43% of respondents indicated that technology is the main hindrance in achieving continuous processing
  • Sustainability in disposable solutions is extremely important to manufacturers - on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most important), sustainability was ranked 7.5.
  • The majority of manufacturers actively search for new technologies and solutions every 6-12 months

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Single-Use Consumables – Tubing Manifolds and Container Systems

Polymer-based single-use systems from Parker Prädifa offer major benefits in biopharma production over conventional steel- and glass-based multi-use solutions: They can reduce the risk of leakage or malfunctions of container closure systems and thus mitigate the risk of contamination. Through a wide range of available container sizes, a scalable production environment can be achieved. In addition, customizing SUS to meet the specific needs of the application environment and tailoring it to fit an existing, validated production framework has significant potential for cutting capital expenditures and overall system costs.

Designing novel fluid sampling systems for GMP operations

Sampling is a requirement in every process step of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, with an increasing demand on accuracy the closer it comes to final finish. Avantor´s infographic demonstrates a 4-step process to develop a highly efficient and accurate sampling system, covering product conceptualization considerations, engineering design and proof of concept, Quality by Design and final production and manufacturing. 

Implementation of single-use powder delivery systems in continuous biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes: A case study from Avantor

Single-use technologies have seen impressive progress over the last decade, but there are still significant needs for these technologies to be applied in upstream and downstream processes. The infographic will give an insight on the advantages of implementing a single-use powder delivery system in the continuous manufacturing process and shows a case-study for delivering exact quantities of clump free material for the delivery of buffer prep materials.

5 Best Practices for Mastering Your Biomanufacturing Process Using Single-Use Systems

Single-Use Systems are being used for more than 85% of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and increasingly being adopted to manufacture commercial products. The use of disposable products offer advantages such as flexibility, reduced capital cost and reduced water use.

Ahead of the 2020 Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Forum, Pharma IQ had the opportunity to speak with Tony Hitchcock, Technical Director, Cobra Biologics, on the best practices for scaling your manufacturing capabilities and achieving process excellence through disposable technologies. This infographic presents the results as a handy 5 top-tip guide.

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Other key benefits to downloading the infographic:

  • Understand the industrialisation of single use solutions: learnings, attention points and opportunities
  • Gain an in-depth insight into the solutions that meet the technical requirements of vendors
  • Identify supply chain requirements – what you need from potential suppliers and how you can develop agreements to achieve this

Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing 2019 Floorplan

After 2018's success, and with heads and directors from Torque Therapeutics, Fujifilm, GSK, Janssen and Boehringer Ingelheim already confirmed to attend in 2019, the majority of our 2018 partners have already snapped up the sponsorship opportunities available.

There are still a small number of networking and thought leadership opportunities available, if you'd like to discuss these, please contact the team at or on +44 (0) 20 7368 9300.

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Trends and Success Factors in Disposable Technologies and Single Use Systems for Biomanufacturing

In this benchmarking survey report Pharma IQ draws comparisons with previous survey conducted at the end of 2013. Find out what has changed in the industry, what to consider when choosing new suppliers, best way to tackle extactables & leachables and we compare different investment approaches.

Investment Trends In Single Use Systems

As the biopharmaceutical industry's focus moves from a blockbuster sales model to more targeted therapeutics, the need to avoid costly investments in sizable stainless steel equipment is increasing.

The use of single-use bioprocessing equipment is making product manufacture increasingly efficient and frequently less costly, particularly for early stages such as R&D and clinical trials. 

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Industry Overview

Based on the opinions of over 50 biopharma experts, we have put together this industry overview discussing the latest drivers and challenges for the single-use market. This infographic covers topics including investigating continuous bioprocessing, flexibility in single-use systems, and the need to seek new products from suppliers. 

Under the Microscope - Extractables and Leachables in Single Use Systems

With the release of the PDA Technical report 66 in mind, the adoption of single use systems has been again moved to the top of discussions in biomanufacturing and extractables and leachables is proving to be one of the major stumbling blocks. Pharma IQ have put extractables and leachables under the microscope using sources from Pharma IQ and elsewhere to look at the inhibitors and the guidance in this area.

Infographic: Optimising Process Efficiency in Biomanufacturing

In today’s bioprocessing industry, there is a demand to cut manufacturing costs while maintaining product safety and quality; flexibility needs to be increased and time to market reduced. With insights from Dr Philipp Hess, Managing Partner at PHA and our recent industry survey, this infographic will cover the key elements of process optimisation and efficiency used in single-use technology solutions.

7 Simple Steps for Selling Your Single-Use Solution

There are a number of important considerations that need to be made in order to maximise your chances of success in selling your solution. This handy guide provides an overview of the decision making process for solution adoption in single-use systems and the key steps that need to be taken to give your product the best chance of customer success.

This infographic includes information on:

- Identifying decision makers and the decision making unit

- Establishing  the scale of implementation for your customer

- Preparing your data to ensure it will pass SOPs, QA and validation procedures