5 Best Practices for Mastering Your Biomanufacturing Process Using Single-Use Systems

Single-Use Systems are being used for more than 85% of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and increasingly being adopted to manufacture commercial products. The use of disposable products offer advantages such as flexibility, reduced capital cost and reduced water use.

Ahead of the 2020 Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Forum, Pharma IQ had the opportunity to speak with Tony Hitchcock, Technical Director, Cobra Biologics, on the best practices for scaling your manufacturing capabilities and achieving process excellence through disposable technologies. This infographic presents the results as a handy 5 top-tip guide.

Download the infographic on the right >>

Other key benefits to downloading the infographic:

  • Understand the industrialisation of single use solutions: learnings, attention points and opportunities
  • Gain an in-depth insight into the solutions that meet the technical requirements of vendors
  • Identify supply chain requirements – what you need from potential suppliers and how you can develop agreements to achieve this