Connect with senior leaders working in the biomanufacturing industry

Our mission is to bring together senior leaders and representatives from the biomanufacturing industry from across Europe and implement best practice in system testing and life cycle management.

By sharing remarkable content from experts and making relevant connections with leading suppliers, we help our audience overcome the barriers into securing investment for disposable solutions.

Sponsoring Disposable Solutions 2020 is the most effective solution to sharing your brand’s value to a highly engaged audience who are ready to take action.

What next for your business?
Are you looking to…?

Break into a new market?
Achieve your promotional goals before, during and after the event, through email campaigns, brochure drops and tailored website coverage.
Connect with customers?
Initiate new business relationships and achieve face-to-face contact that overcrowded tradeshows cannot deliver.
Establish yourself as a thought leader?
Gain competitive edge by presenting your products and services to those actively looking for guidance, and with a remit to buy.

Whatever your business goal, you can achieve it at Disposables Solutions for Bio Manufacturing

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Inquire about Sponsorship

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