Sponsors & Exhibitors

Website: https://drm.ch/

DrM, founded in 1982 by Dr. Hans Mueller, is a specialist for solid/liquid separation, vibratory mixing and single-use technologies. Our products experience worldwide recognition in various industries; Bio-/Pharmaceutical, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Food Processing, Agrochemical and Flavors & Fragrances to name a few.We are delighted to introduce two patented and... Read More

Rockwell Automation Inc.

Thanks to advances in technology, biopharmaceutical companies can now deploy “facilities of the future.” These facilities are typically multi-product, and are enabled with modular design/build concepts and flexible process equipment, which includes disposable,  single-use, information and  mobile technology. Our single-use solutions are designed to help biopharmaceutical companies achieve success throughout... Read More

Website: https://www.3mdeutschland.de/3M/de_DE/biopharmazie/bioprocessing-solutions/

3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division provides cutting edge separation and purification technology and products for biopharmaceutical companies involved in production of recombinant proteins, plasma fractionation products, vaccines and small molecule drugs. Using 3M’s innovative material science platforms, we help companies optimize their processes, improve product safety and increase manufacturing... Read More

Website: https://www.equflow.com/

Equflow has perfected the flow measurement of liquids. Over the last decade, the technology-driven company, located in the Dutch province Brabant, has thus further optimized its own invention into commercial solutions for various applications in which accurate flow measurements are required. The modular sensor system with interchangeable components was successfully... Read More

Parker Pradifa
Website: https://prker.co/2O0qQZj

The Parker Engineered Materials Group offers customized single-use fluidic handling, storage and transportation systems designed and manufactured with a focus on maximum leakage and contamination protection. State-of-the art overmolding technology in combination with ISO Class 7 clean-room production based in Europe makes us a perfect partner for cGMP-compliant single-use systems. Read More


Levitronix is the world-wide leader in magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology. The Swiss based company offers single-use and multi-use pumps with a low shear design for sensitive fluids like cells and proteins for the Life Science Market. The company's unique technology and special pump design enables precisely controlled continuous flow... Read More

Eldon James Corporation
Website: http://www.eldonjames.com

Eldon James Corp. celebrates 32 years of manufacturing single-use components, PVC free tubing, SeriesLock quick disconnect fittings and assemblies designed for medical devices, life sciences, bioprocess, biomedical, pharmaceutical and other critical-use applications. Quality certifications include ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Eldon James offers Class 7 cleanroom and contract manufacturing opportunities... Read More