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Early and Managed Access Programmes 2018 Full Agenda

Early and Managed Access Programmes 2018 Full Agenda

Download the 2018 agenda for full speaker and session information!

Early & Managed Access Programmes Agenda - spex

Join the Early and Managed Access Programmes forum to explore topics in: Preparing for your Early Access Programmes with effective planning and a water-tight logistical strategy, navigating the complex and diverse regulatory and ethical landcape, the debate surrounding Real World Data, optimising your clinical operations and post-trial access.

On the 5-7th November 2019, over three full days of case-studies, interactive discussions and workshops, industry leaders from companies such as Janssen, Bristol-Myer's Squibb, Novartis, Vifor Pharma and Zogenix will discuss their EMAP strategies with input from Patient Advocacy Groups and Regulatory Professionals from across Europe and the US.

Download the 2019 agenda for a look at who is speaking and the topics to be discussed!