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The Industry’s Leading 100% Interactive Forum for Establishing Best Practice in Early and Managed Access Programmes. Discover Strategies for Launching and Managing your Programme, Navigating the Complex Regulatory Landscape and Get to Grips with the Patient’s Perspective!

‘Managed Access’, ‘Early Access’, ‘Compassionate Use’, ‘Expanded Access…. –  there may be many names but there’s one goal – to provide critical access to medicines and devices for the treatment of a patients with rare and debilitating diseases.

The Early and Managed Access Programmes ForumThe world's first and most prestigious EMAP event - returns in October 2018, where industry leaders from Janssen, Novartis, Alexion and Bionical will discuss their EMAP strategies with solicited input from Patient Advocacy Groups and Regulatory Professionals from across Europe and the US.

Are you currently running an Early or Managed Access Programme? Are you looking to launch, optimise or achieve operational excellence but are unsure of the next steps in your strategy? We all know that the demand is growing but Pharma is yet to take up global action , which is why this year’s  forum will ensure that you are able to implement the best strategy possible.

As the perfect environment to engage with Industry experts who have launched, managed and transitioned out of EMAPs, this year’s event will see 20+ industry expert speakers ready to help your team feel confident in addressing the management, operational and collaboration aspects of your EMAPs and ensure you feel secure in your next steps.

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