GCP and Inspection Readiness 2019 Agenda

GCP Inspection Readiness Forum returns to Brussels this September to deliver insights on best practice through highly interactive sessions to ensure a consistent culture of readiness within your organisation.

At the 2019 forum on the 16th - 19th September, follow a clear journey to inspection readiness across the two-conference days as well as our data integrity pre-conference training day and post-conference on-site mock inspection day to ensure each part of your team are fully confident in the practical skills needed to prepare for your next inspection.

Scroll down to download the full event guide below for a closer look at sessions on topics including:

  • Creating a culture of quality
  • Sponsor oversight
  • Managing CAPAs and QMS
  • Gaining effective understanding the regulatory landscape

Join us to ensure you understand these practical solutions in time for your next inspection, benchmark with peers in Big Pharma, SMEs and CROs and implement a consistent culture of readiness.

Mock Inspection Workshop Day: Put your practical skills to the test

Inspection readiness is an ongoing task, as it involves not only mock inspection preparation but also efforts to ensure a consistent culture of readiness. Whether your inspection is around the corner or further in the future, attend this mock inspection workshop day for confidence in:

  • How to effectively prepare for a mock inspection, including back office organisation
  • Mock-interviews and how you can train potential interviewees
  • How to turn a tricky inspection around by exploring how you can adapt during your inspection
  • Successfully implanting follow-up activities
  • The differences between a mock inspection and a real inspection

If you would like more information on the event including the 2 main conference days, click here for full details.

Data Integrity Training Day: Expectations, Challenges and Best Practice for GCP Compliance

Inspections can occur at any time; therefore the preparation can be daunting. With acute consequences, it is crucial that best practices are in place to ensure that your recorded data and documentation is compliant when the inevitable inspection comes around. This interactive, expert-led training course will give you the opportunity to put your current strategies to the test, and bring you up to speed on the most pressing data integrity challenges, practices and expectations.

Infographic | Choosing Your Next Quality Management System

Choosing the right Quality Management System plays an integral role in the inspection readiness journey and making sure that your company is following Good Clinical Practice. As one of the respondents mentioned:

"it minimises human error and improves transparency"

This infographic explores what companies want when it comes to choosing a QMS. We asked the industry experts if they could design their perfect QMS, what features they would like and what factors they look for when selecting a QMS

Download the infographic to find out more >>

Find out more in the full event blog here, or the event programme here.

GCP | Your Checklist to Inspection Readiness

With recent changes amongst GCP Guidelines, including the amendment of ICH E6 it is now more critical than ever to keep up to date and ensure a consistent culture of inspection readiness.

Ahead of GCP inspection Readiness Summit 2019, we have created a checklist to help you on your journey to be compliant and maintain a culture of quality. 

Download this handy checklist for a clear and concise guide to prepare for your next inspection >>