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GCP Inspection Readiness 2019 Preview Trailer

GCP Inspection Readiness returns for it's second year as we ask you: Are you inspection ready?

Whilst it is well known that building and maintaining a culture of quality is crucial to the success of a clinical trial, how can you be sure that your methods are best practice? Follow the journey to inspection readiness at this interactive forum this September to overcome key challenges including; creating a culture of quality, sponsor oversight, CAPAs, QMS and understanding the regulatory landscape.

Find out more on what to expect at this year's conference in this short trailer.

If you would like more information, including the full list of speakers, sessions and workshops please download the complete agenda here.

A preview a Edyta's top tips to being inspection ready

Preparation for an inspection can be a long process, and with many confusing and difficult steps to cover it can be extremely stressful. The weight of repercussions that critical findings or missed steps include are both timely and costly in a very time and financially sensitive environment.

In order to help with this we spoke to Edyta Zbirog-Lukawska, Central Europe Quality and Compliance Adviser (Affiliate Process and Training Adviser) to hear her top tips on how to fully prepare and ensure that you are inspection ready.

Watch the preview below or view the full piece here.

Mock Inspection Workshop: Put practical skills to the test

Wherever your pain-points might lie, our full-day mock inspection workshop, on the 19th September, will give you the tools you need to overcome your challenges in readiness activities, preparing for interviews, evolving your processes during the inspection and even follow up activities.  

Industry experts Elke Ufer, Grünenthal and Edyta Zbirog-Lukawska, Roche will be guiding you through their recent inspections. With interactive break-out sessions and real life case studies, they will be putting your knowledge and practical skills to the test, to ensure you leave confident that you ARE inspection ready.