The Future of Smarter R&D Environments

The Future of Smarter R&D Environments

Technology and automation can be used to drive quality and efficiency in manufacturing processes, improving drug development through data analysis, process monitoring, and continuous feedback. Big data, paperless processes, automation and cloud technologies are driving the laboratory informatics industry forward, creating smarter research environments which can optimise and ensure the quality and integrity of data. Through the use of automation, and smart technology, R&D experts can alleviate the burden of many of the time and labour intensive tasks such as manual data entry and retrieval. Their time can then be used to focus on activities that leverage their expertise.

Last year, Pharma IQ spoke with Benjamin Schulz, Project Lead , Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and Jonas Angstenberger, Head of Process Automation & Data Science, AbbVie in order to hear their thoughts on how automation and connected devices can assist with ensuring data integrity and shape the future of the R&D environment. Topics of conversation include:

Benefits of automating pharmaceutical research environments

  • Industry 4.0 & lab informatics
  • Cost vs Benefits
  • Using automation to ensure data integrity
  • Security risks with IoT devices
  • Integrating Automated Systems
  • Future digital transformation

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