November 18 - 20, 2019
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Boston - Cambridge
Gerhard Noelken, Project Leader- Lab of the Future at Pistoia Alliance

Gerhard Noelken

Project Leader- Lab of the Future
Pistoia Alliance

Pre-Conference Day Nov 18 2019

Monday, November 18th, 2019

9:00 AM Workshop A: 101 to Building the Lab of the Future: What You Need to Know About Lab Digitalization

Digitalization in pharmaceutical labs has not progressed as quickly as in other industries. The complexity of data and processes and the lack of consistency across different research approaches are some of the reasons for this. The reality in many labs is still defined by stand-alone analytical instruments, software systems that don’t follow a consistent workflow, and many manual data transactions.

This workshop will focus on providing delegates comprehensive roadmap on how to improve the experience and efficiency in the lab.

Discussion Points Include: 

  • How to implement better usability and easier human-to-intelligent system interaction while minimizing human interference
  • Learn how to capture and store data in a way that enables computers to consistently interpret and intelligently analyze data with all contextual information available
  • Learn how to rethink data management by leveraging Semantic Technology, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence 

Main Conference Day One Nov 19 2019

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

2:40 PM Improving Data Integrity in the Lab by Integrating Laboratory Workflows and Applying Digital Instruction Sets for Analytical and Aligned Lab Instruments: Project Case Study Updates from the Pistoia Alliance

This session will provide a comprehensive case study on how:
  • Instrument specific instructions provide rich functionality but can create challenges for system integration along an experimental workflow
  • Precompetitive Consortia can play a role in providing consistent guidance to technology providers to increase efficiency and reduce integration effort
  • Consistency of laboratory data resulting from well-defined workflows are crucial for the efficient use of Artificial Intelligence in the Lab

4:10 PM Closing Panel Discussion: Practical Takeaways and Examples of Successful Instrument and Application Integration

  • Are manual processes here to stay or are there real life examples of successful instrument and application integration?
  • What new technologies are facilitating instrument and application integration with the lab setting?
  • Will LIMS solutions evolve or will pharma companies develop their own unified platform for an integrated lab approach
  • Highlighting success stories and tangible business outcomes in integrating data across systems and applications