Download the Agenda: Future Laboratory Informatics 2020

Looking to attend the Future Laboratory Informatics Forum 15th-17th September 2020? The reasons to attend are listed below:
  • Examine the way to build flexible and strategic partnerships with your informatics vendors to improve systems usability and engagement
  • Assess ways to minimise training and maintenance requirements for cross-functional team utilisation to ensure systems compliance and avoid data integrity breaches
  • Investigate new lab based technologies to automate systems usage, minimise the chance of human error and enhance systems compliance
  • Engage with case studies looking at the ‘lab of the future’ – are AI, IoT, BlockChain and predictive analytics actively being implemented in lab environments and where have the real process gains been seen?
  • Network and discuss your key informatics challenges with cross-industry informatics experts to benchmark your laboratory practices and problem solve your platform optimisation hurdles

Keen to find out more? Download the agenda below to find more information on the key sessions and industry experts at the conference.

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