Future Laboratory Informatics Blog

How informatics and data management can transform the digital laboratory

An end-to-end data management and informatics software platform is one of the clear ways to achieve these objectives. In this blog, IDBS explain how to optimize data management across the different preclinical domains.

The Challenges in Data Harmonisation in the smart lab industry

Pharma IQ spoke with Richard Caron, Associate Director Global MQIT Eli Lilly, about the challenges the Smart Lab industry, where he guides us through the major challenges regarding the management of large quantities of data

Abbott introduces configurable molecular workflows within its Starlims Life Sciences Solution

Abbott announced the launch of a laboratory information management system, STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution 11.1, to help manage complex sample and testing workflows, as well as help drive data safety and integrity throughout the entire lifecycle. 

Abbott announces the launch of Starlims Environmental Sciences Solution ES 3.1

Abbott Informatics announces the launch of the STARLIMS Environmental Science Solution ES 3.1. This new release brings forward over 20 new or enhanced features, developed in concert with customers across the globe.