Future Laboratory Informatics Forum News

Download the Agenda: Future Laboratory Informatics 2019

Participate at the Laboratory Informatics Forum and learn how to build the technology and industry capability to achieve the ‘Lab of the Future’.Unilever, Novartis, Adaptimmune, GSK, Leo Pharma and Pfizer have already confirmed their participation. 

Industry insights

Survey Report: The Future of SmartLab Technologies

We conducted an exclusive survey of R&D professionals in order to build a greater understanding of what is driving forward the market for SmartLab solutions, where the industry is investing and the key challenges being faced in integrating this new software into existing systems.

New industry report on how to build a smart lab

Big data, paperless processes, automation and integrated management solutions are creating smarter research environments. This is allowing scientists to optimise their data collection and analysis and improve productivity across their workflows. However, a number of labs are still stuck with outdated and ineffective manual processes or disconnected systems.In this report,...

Survey Report: Industry Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

We surveyed industry professionals from the pharma, biotech and agricultural sector, to understand what are the current and future trends as well as pain points and challenges being faced by these industries when it comes to  laboratory informatics. Download the latest survey report to find out:Biggest challenges faced by laboratory...

Laboratory Data Knowledge Management Report

This report examines the key trends in laboratory data knowledge management to find out more about the challenges and solutions shaping the future of the laboratory informatics landscape such as Big Data analytics in the laboratory, the evolution of laboratory informatics and achieving excellence in laboratory informatics.


Exclusive Interview: System Usability and its Gaps in the Smart Lab Industry

Ahead of PharmaIQ’s Future Laboratory Informatics Forum, we spoke to Nick Ravenscroft, Senior Business Systems Analyst from Adaptimmune about system usability and the gaps in usability that the Smart Lab industry is currently facing.Nick also talks us through his successful gamification of laboratory workbooks, and how he’s made training laboratory...

Exclusive interview: The challenges in data harmonisation in the smart lab industry

Pharma IQ interviews Richard Caron, Associate Director, Global MQIT from Eli Lilly ahead of the Future Laboratory Informatics Conference, to discuss the challenges faced by the smart lab industry when it comes to data harmonisation, and how future technologies will help pharma keep data more secure. Read this exclusive interview...

Exclusive Interview: What is stopping organisations from achieving laboratory excellence?

Maintaining data quality and integrity can, at times, feel more like a burden than a benefit.In this interview, we discuss with Dr Daniela Jansen, Director of Product Marketing at Dassault Systèmes, how to battle organisational disconnect and benefit from a holistic approach to quality. She offers insight on how to...