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Survey Report - The Future of SmartLab Technologies

Survey Report - The Future of SmartLab Technologies

We conducted an exclusive survey of R&D professionals in order to build a greater understanding of what is driving forward the market for SmartLab solutions, where the industry is investing and the key challenges being faced in integrating this new software into existing systems.

Download the Agenda: Future Laboratory Informatics 2019:

Download the Agenda: Future Laboratory Informatics 2019:

Participate at the Laboratory Informatics Forum and learn how to build the technology and industry capability to achieve the ‘Lab of the Future’.

Unilever, Novartis, Adaptimmune, GSK, Leo Pharma and Pfizer have already confirmed their participation. 

By attending, you will learn how to:

  • Map out your internal informatics capabilities to pinpoint areas of weakness and examine strategies to optimise your systems interoperability and compliance
  • Ensure that your digital transformation does not come at the cost of your systems quality or data integrity with our exclusive Data Integrity and Systems Compliance Training Day
  • Strategise on how to address your current informatics challenges with the latest solutions and recommendations from our expert solution and technology providers
  • Influence future technology development and industry solutions by designing best practice technologies for adoption and sharing the conversation with key solution providers
  • Join industry focused think-tank sessions focused on not just how we are transforming and securing our informatics strategy, but why we are developing our capabilities to address this need
  • Plus much more. 
Complete the form to your right to receive the full 2019 agenda, with the complete speaker line-up and session guide.
How to establish a company-wide integrated lab platform:

How to establish a company-wide integrated lab platform:

Do you want to establish a company-wide integrated lab platform? If so, download a free presentation from Syngenta’s System Analyst, Ramon Lopez, which was discussed at the last edition of the Future Laboratory Informatics Forum.

In the presentation, Ramon Lopez shares his insights on: 

  • Understanding how to initiate a holistic information view by establishing integrated platforms for mid-size companies
  • Learning about the system landscape and paradigm starting points and evaluating your platform capabilities
  • Discussing how to find the right solution, facing market reality and disruptive decision-making factor
  • Plus more. Download the report

Click on 'download' to view the full presentation.

2019 SURVEY REPORT: Industry Trends, Challenges and Opportunities:

2019 SURVEY REPORT: Industry Trends, Challenges and Opportunities:

We surveyed industry professionals from the pharma, biotech and agricultural sector, to understand what are the current and future trends as well as pain points and challenges being faced by these industries when it comes to laboratory informatics. 

Download the latest survey report to find out:

  • Biggest challenges faced by laboratory informatics professionals 
  • Identifying the consequences of inadequate data exchange on a global level
  • Plans for optimising informatics platforms and software for the development and manufacturing processes cross-functionally and across sites
  • Main drivers behind investing in lab informatics solutions 
  • Most important industry priorities for smart lab technologies 
  • Common form of data used in laboratories
  • In-demand features required for laboratory informatics software
  • Plus more. 

Click on 'download' to view the full report. 

New industry report on how to build a smart lab:

New industry report on how to build a smart lab:

Big data, paperless processes, automation and integrated management solutions are creating smarter research environments. This is allowing scientists to optimise their data collection and analysis and improve productivity across their workflows.

However, a number of labs are still stuck with outdated and ineffective manual processes or disconnected systems.

In this report, we outline:

  • The biggest challenges currently facing the smart lab industry when it comes to laboratory informatics data management and systems visibility
  • How solution providers and pharma companies can act to overcome the challenges in data harmonisation
  • The current data harmonisation gaps and how can technology can be used to address this
  • How new systems implementation and smart technologies will impact data integrity
  • Top tips for ensuring data integrity and systems security whilst implementing advanced technologies

With exclusive insights from Pfizer, Novartis, the Pistoia Alliance, IDBS, ThermoFisher Scientific and Dassault Systemes, this report shows the steps you need to take to transition to the next level of lab productivity. Click on 'download' to view the full report.