Adhering to regulations, increasing patient safety and compliance, detering counterfeiters, building brand recognition and customer loyalty... Pharmaceutical packaging and labelling professionals have a lot to account for! So how can you achieve all of this is a timely and cost efficient manner?

With expert advice from leading repre sentatives from across pharma, biotech, and industry associations, this June over 100 pharma industry professionals will gather in Zurich, Switzerland, for Europe’s most senior-level industry-led packaging & labelling event.

Over three days of exclusive case studies, interactive trouble shooting sessions, engaging round-table discussions, senior-level panels, and informal networking at our now famous fairground drinks reception, we will bring together pharmaceutical leaders from all functional groups across packaging, serialisation, artwork and labelling.

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A Quick Taste of What to Expect!


Ensure your packaging, labelling and artwork strategies are 100% regulatory compliant and inspection ready - join our interactive hands-on workshop on ‘Airtight EU Regulatory Compliance’ facilitated by Meda Pharma


Ensure operational excellence across your packaging, labelling and artwork teams – gain insight from Bard Pharmaceuticals


Incorporate new technology into your artwork processes to produce user centric packaging and create better communication with patients in this specialized session with Bard Pharmaceuticals


Examine different artwork systems and find out how to optimise graphic/artwork placement to assist serialisation and traceability with Teva

Free Industry Resources

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How to Deliver Cost Effective Pharmaceutical Global Artwork

Labelling and Artwork are still the highest causes of the recall of pharmaceutical products. Andrew Love, Vice President at Pharmaceutical Advisory Services, Be4ward Ltd, and former Director of Global Pack Management from GlaxoSmithKline, talks to Pharma IQ about his hopes to resolve these issues i ...

Why does packaging artwork matter?

Packaging artwork is an often forgotten back room process in most pharmaceutical companies, but the changing business environment has brought issues from this capability to the fore. Pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies are facing one of the most difficult periods in their history.

Top 20 Artwork Auditor Tips, artwork, auditing, pharmaceutical packaging, labelling

The top 20 things to consider when auditing pharmaceutical labelling and artwork content creation capabilities. This booklet is designed to help professionals in pharmaceutical packaging labelling and artwork activities to develop improved auditing techniques.