Tamper Evidence in Pharma Packaging - Expert Insight eBook

Tamper Evidence in Pharma Packaging - Expert Insight eBook

The anti-counterfeit packaging market is forecasted to reach US$206.57 billion by 2021, just shy of doubling its 2016 figure of $107.26 bn. This growth is supported by the expanding pharma and food and beverage industries, with Asia Pacific set to take the largest market share. China is earmarked to lead the way in 2021 with its drive in manufacturing activities fueling that lead.

The anti-tampering market is littered with challenges to address: meeting EU FMD requirements, satisfying country specific requirements, preserving patient usability and not to mention outwitting resourceful counterfeiters. In this ebook we look at the road to meeting the 2019 FMD deadline, finding the most suitable anti tamper evidence feature as well as patient compliance and future trends in the industry.

Insight from:

Dieter Mößner
Edelmann GmbH/ Convenor of ISO TC 122 WG 15 “Tamper Verification Features on medicinal product packaging

Horst Kastrup
Senior RegulatoryAdvisor
MEDA Pharma

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