Adhering to regulations, increasing patient safety and compliance, detering counterfeiters, building brand recognition and customer loyalty... Pharmaceutical packaging and labelling professionals have a lot to account for! So how can you achieve all of this is a timely and cost efficient manner?

With expert advice from leading repre sentatives from across pharma, biotech, and industry associations, this June over 100 pharma industry professionals will gather in Zurich, Switzerland, for Europe’s most senior-level industry-led packaging & labelling event.

Over three days of exclusive case studies, interactive trouble shooting sessions, engaging round-table discussions, senior-level panels, and informal networking at our now famous fairground drinks reception, we will bring together pharmaceutical leaders from all functional groups across packaging, serialisation, artwork and labelling.

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A Quick Taste of What to Expect!


Ensure your packaging, labelling and artwork strategies are 100% regulatory compliant and inspection ready - join our interactive hands-on workshop on ‘Airtight EU Regulatory Compliance’ facilitated by Meda Pharma


Develop your own toolkit for fighting against pharmaceutical counterfeiting - GS1 present their FMD standards guide


Ensure operational excellence across your packaging, labelling and artwork teams – gain insight from Bard Pharmaceuticals


Increase the chances of hospital pharmacies choosing your products - the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists share their perspectives on what patients want from pharmaceutical packaging


Analyse the broader regulatory environment – patient safety, legal risks and their interplay with packaging processes - Dr. Reddy’s shares insight into ‘The EU Regulatory Environment’

Free Industry Resources

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Engagement, Automation & Simplification: 3 Steps to Optimising your Packaging Line

In this Pharma IQ interview Gianluca Fioravanti, Head of Packaging and Warehouse Operations, GlaxoSmithKline, shares his top tips for achieving overall equipment performance, optimising packaging lines and overcoming complexity within the packaging process.

Combatting Malicious Tampering in Pharma: The Weakspots

This infographic assesses the top anti-tamper weaknesses experienced within pharmaceutical packaging and labelling.

How To Manage Your Packaging And Labelling Partners

To ensure packaging and labelling streams are compliant and implemented both swiftly and cost effectively each stakeholder must perform their task in the correct sequence, using the right information and tools. With this in mind, Pharma IQ examines some of the latest tech and trends utilised in t ...