The inaugural Patient-Centric Cell Therapy Supply Chain Summit will gather senior Heads of Cell Therapy, Logistics and Supply Chain experts to share practical solutions in overcoming common logistics and supply chain challenges for organization's preparing for commercialization. The Summit will also focus on delivering practical knowledge on how to optimize and re-design your processes while ensuring that you have the right technologies and partners while creating and maintaining a patient-centric supply chain in the commercial world.

We are delighted to confirm David Kim, Global Logistics Manager from Kite Pharma, as our opening Keynote Speaker.
David will deliver an inspiring keynote on "Moving to a Patient-Centric Mindset in Cell and Gene Therapy"

Early Confirmed Speakers:
  • David Kim, Global Logistics Manager, Kite Pharma 
  • Allison Matthews, Service Designer, Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery
  • Chris Baldwin, Global Supply Chain Director, Cell and Gene Therapy, GSK
  • Craig Beasley, VP Supply Chain, Cell Therapy, Bristol Myers Squibb 
  • Albert Ribickas, Manager BMT/QC laboratories Cell Therapy Facility,  Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Sanjay Srivastava, Managing Director for Cell & Gene, Life Sciences, Accenture
  • Joe Rininger, Director, Cell and Gene Therapy, Latham BioPharm Group

Our Thought Leaders

Main Themes Include:

Managing Supply Chain: Overcoming Order Management and Fulfilment Complications

Operating Frameworks: Ensuring chain of custody and Maintaining Product quality and Temperature 

Overcoming Challenges in Development & Commercialization

Moving to a Patient-Centric Mindset in Cell and Gene Therapy

Overcoming Infrastructural and Technological Challenges for Cell Therapy Supply Chains

What you can expect


Join the experts to the first end-to-end Summit focused on Cell Therapy Supply Chain to discuss the challenging issues in process development and logistics 


Get and understanding how to build a sustainable supply chain which will allow commercial success


We believe in diversity of opinions: take advantage of learning not only from pharma perspective but hospitals, patients, CMO, solutions and service providers, etc.  


Networking! Networking! Networking! Use this opportunity to connect with Best and Brightest!