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Accelerating Manufacturing Efficiency
As the use of the robotics in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry increases rapidly, it’s important to consider the benefits of the latest technologies for manufacturers, researchers and scientists. The advantages include greater speed and accuracy, more flexibility and more reliability and driven by the need to waste less time and money, pharmaceutical manufacturers are trying to find new ways to maximize throughput and increase efficiency.

What the pharma industry is learning – is that automated solutions and robotics support much more than just increased productivity. These technologies pave the way for smoother good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance and operational excellence. They improve product safety and subsequently, patient safety.

It has also been forecast that 44% of pharmaceutical companies have implemented or are in the process of automating operations this year and whereas the majority of quality control measures were once done manually, automated systems have now been implemented to help eliminate errors.

With this is mind, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Automation event, 18th and 19th May 2021 will focus on how automation has been transforming the pharmaceutical industry.

DAY ONE l 18th MAY 2021

9.00am EST  Opening Remarks: The Future of AI and ML in Pharma Manufacturing Automation
Brian Curran, SVP Customer Success for Manufacturing Excellence, MasterControl
    9.10am EST Addressing Security Risks to Manufacturing Operations
    • IT/OT Governance
    • Visibility into OT Network
    • Supply Chain to save lives
    Jim LaBonty, Director, Global Head of Automation Engineering, Pfizer 

    10.00am EST Fireside chat: Session reserved for partner 
      11.00am EST Panel Discussion: How tech has been adopted to enable companies to transfer to digital 
      This session will address: 
        When you think of the data journey: 
        • What have been the pain points to date and how have they been overcome?
        • Easy access to quality systems, analysing data and integrating date is crucial, what steps have been taken to implement these three elements?
        • How have silos been broken down internally?
        • How has technology augmented the EX (employee experience to transition onto value-added tasks)
        • What has enabled you to go further in your digital journey?

        Frank Thielmann, Manufacturing and Supply, Operational Excellence Director, Takeda
        Dr Anthony J. Bucci, Senior Research Engineer, West Pharmaceuticals
        Brian Curran, SVP Customer Success for Manufacturing Excellence, MasterControl

      DAY TWO l 19TH MAY 2021

      9.00am EST Session Reserved for Leading Pharma Company 
        10.00am EST Does Modularization Pave the Way to Enhanced Automation Process? 
        This session will address: 
        • How modularization allows flexibility in terms of production capacity, product variety, raw materials, and location
        • Understanding the importance of standardisation

          11.00am EST Integrating the Patient Pathway into the Technology Ecosystem 
            The rapid progress in the pharmaceutical industry is due to the advancement in the digitalization and automation starting from the invention to the administration of the drug. This session will look to address strategies for the end-to-end digitalization and automation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. This session will address: 
            • Utilising digitalisation and automation in production and manufacturing systems, as well as maintaining the quality and standard of the drug product
            • Strategies to assessing manufacturing execution to driving greater compliance and efficiency
            • Describing the challenges with adopting automation and how the pace of change can be a significant hurdle to overcome with internal cultural mindset shift and change                                                                                                                                                                                  Sidhartha Shankar, Business Technology Lead, Pfizer

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