Day Two - 19 May 2021

10:00 am - 10:45 am EST Manufacturing Today with Critical Intelligent, Pharma 4.0 Systems

Angelo Stracquatanio - CEO & Co-founder, Apprentice io

This presentation will cover the trending rapid adoption of intelligent technology within pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the significant impact Pharma 4.0 connected systems have had on life science organizations from the early days of COVID to now. Listeners will understand what contributed to this trend, the value these systems provide compliance-driven organizations, the long-term impact it delivers within an organization and how to deploy this technology at scale. Case studies and anecdotal data will be discussed. This session will address:

1.    How to easily deploy intelligent, Pharma 4.0 manufacturing platforms to scale faster, from COVID to cancer and increase speed to market.

2.    How to leverage AI, AR and Pharma 4.0 principles to improve efficiency, execution reliability and product quality across all bioprocessing phases.

3.     How to implement smart, data-driven manufacturing, real-time monitoring and advanced supply chain strategies while optimizing productivity and collaboration.

4. Factors leading to more rapid adoption within the industry & what the future holds


Angelo Stracquatanio

CEO & Co-founder
Apprentice io

10:45 am - 11:00 am EST Closing Remarks from MasterControl

Brian Curran - SVP Customer Success for Manufacturing Excellence, MasterControl


Brian Curran

SVP Customer Success for Manufacturing Excellence