Regain Control of Your Global Supply Chain, Reclaim Your Lost Revenue, and Fight Danger to Your Consumers’ Health by Taking Proactive Measures Against Counterfeiters

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals is the most lucrative sector of the global trade in illegally copied goods. The escalating pharma counterfeit probem is estimated to cost Europe alone €27billion annually in lost revenue.  More significant than lost revenue, however, are the millions of lives being put at risk. INTERPOL reports that more than one million people die each year from counterfeit drugs, whilst the World Health Organization estimates that one-third of all medicines sold worldwide are illegitimate.
Companies are investing heavily in defensive measures, but their efforts haven’t slowed counterfeiters. Such a profitable market continues to attract specialists and organised crime, with e-commerce providing a gateway for these illegitimate products to penetrate both the developing and developed worlds.  
With the challenge of illicit pharmaceuticals only growing, it is essential that companies adopt tough measures to fight counterfeiters by limiting their reach and choking the distribution and promotional networks. Join us at the 2020 Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Forum, which is designed to give you the tools and connections to go beyond FMD compliance and develop a broad anti-counterfeiting strategy.

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Join Discussions With Industry Experts On:

Security beyond serialisation: Understanding how FMD implementation can add value to your brand protection efforts beyond serialisation

Utilising serialisation as a business asset beyond traceability: Understanding how to spot counterfeits in your supply chain  

Optimisation of your supply chain visibility: Establishing a holistic risk profile and pinpointing your weaknesses to develop targeted mitigation strategies

Creating a 360 degree anti-counterfeiting approach: Overt and covert technology applications for effective counterfeit mitigation  

Balancing brand exposure and external partner selection in emerging markets to minimise the presence of counterfeit materials