Pharmaceutical Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting: What regions are investing in which solutions?

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection: What regions are investing in which solutions?


According to a recent IQPC global trends report, in North America and South East Asia, the most popular solutions are serialisation and mobile phone product authentication. Whereas in Latin America, these solutions are also popular, however, radio frequency microchips are currently the most utilised solution.

Western Europe is ahead of these regions in testing a variety of other newer solutions like colour and UV micro-text, enforcement and investigational solutions. They are also leading the holographic images on packaging trend, as they are the only ones who have indicated they are utilising these technologies.

In Africa, they are only using mobile phone product authentication as a solution and still need to catch up with the other regions like the Middle East who are using advanced solutions like data analytics software suites. We may expect that within the next 2 years, the market can get flooded with other technologies as solution providers may want to explore African region, knowing they will not find much competition there.

Here are the responses on where pharmaceutical companies are investing to maximise their brand and production protection, broken down by regions: 

North America

  • Mobile phone product authentication 44%
  • Data analytical software suites 33%
  • Enforcement and investigational solutions 33%
  • Radio frequency microchips 22%

Middle East / Eastern Europe

  • Data analytical software suites 67%
  • Serialisation 66%
  • Infrared and ultraviolet images on packaging 66%
  • Radio frequency microchips 66%
  • Mobile phone product authentication 66%

Western Europe

  • Mobile phone product authentication 50%
  • Serialisation 45%
  • Colour and UV micro-text 30%
  • Enforcement and investigational solutions 30%
  • Holographic images on packaging 25%
  • Data analytics software suits 25%

Latin America

  • Mobile phone product authentication 67%
  • Radio frequency microchips 66%
  • Data analytical software suites 33%
  • Enforcement and Investigational solutions 33%
  • Serialisation 33%

South East Asia

  • Serialisation 70%
  • Mobile phone product authentication 50%
  • Radio frequency microchips 20%


  • Mobile phone product authentication 100%

Pharmaceutical professionals who were interviewed for this report include the heads of supply chain; heads of brand protection; head of anti-counterfeiting; head of product security; head of corporate security; head of serialisation; head of track and trace. 

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