February 17-19, 2020 | Philadelphia, PA

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McKesson on: The Largest Challenges in Preparing for DSCSA Saleable Returns Verification

We caught up with Kevan MacKenzie, Director of Serialization Technology at McKesson, to learn about wholesaler-distributors largest challenges in preparing for DSCSA saleable returns verification in 2019.In addition to discussing wholesaler-distributors current challenges, MacKenzie also reveals: His advice for those who are experiencing difficulty in getting ready for saleable returns...

Expert Insight into Top Pharmaceutical Challenges Surrounding Serialization: Aggregation and CMO Integration

In anticipation of the Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum, we spoke with Matt Sample and Christopher Howell about the top pharmaceutical challenges surrounding Serialization: Aggregation and CMO Integration. Both speakers shared their unique perspectives on the topic and also expressed what they were most excited to learn about at the upcoming event. 

Preparing for 2023: Advice from a Top Wholesaler

In advance of the Forum, we spoke with an elite representative from the wholesaler side of pharmaceutical shipping about the plans his company has and the challenges he’s facing. Take these into consideration today for best results 7 years from now.

Serialisation Case Studies: SMEs and CMOs

Pharma IQ spoke with Mark Davison, Chief Executive Officer at Blue Sphere Health Ltd, and Vetter Pharma to gain insight into SME pharma & biotechs for serialization, as well as strategies that CMOs can implement to succeed in serialization.

Serialization World Map

Pharma IQ have created an updated serialisation printable world map to assist with your worldwide serialisation compliance strategies and help the industry prepare for these various approaching deadlines all over the globe.

FDA Vision For 2023

Ahead of the 6th Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum, December 7 -8, we interviewed members of our speaker faculty on their immediate impressions of the FDA meeting that was held in August. Get your copy of this exclusive interview to find out what the FDA vision of the future is for 2023!

Additional Content

Examining Serialization as a 21st Century Approach to Anti-Counterfeiting

Check out this webinar from Ben Locwin of Healthcare Sciences Advisors! 

Achieving Scannable GS1 Codes for DSCSA Compliance

Take a look at this exclusive whitepaper put together by VideoJet. Within the paper you will find out more about how the DQSA and DSCSA compliance regulations can impact your overall operation.

7 Steps To Implementing A Serialization Project

Take sneek peak at the 7 steps to implementing a full serialization project:1: Get ready for a cultural change.2: Invest in high volume items