Industry Insights

Selecting and Managing your CMO network

Pharma IQ surveyed over 50 industry professionals, and accompanied by commentary from Ulrich Ruemenapp, Head of Launch Preparation, Bayer this report will take an in-depth look at the most important components when selecting a CMO, the greatest risks when choosing to outsource and best practises for managing CMO networks.

Pharma Contract Manufacturing 2019: Post-Show Report

The manufacturing industry is booming, with outsourced manufacturing for pharma development rising to a value of $76 billion by 2030. However, alongside these developments, one of the most difficult challenges posed for the industry is managing ongoing communications and relationships between contract manufacturing organisations (CMO) to optimise external partners.

In light of these rapidly evolving pressures on managing external partnerships, quality, cost and scalability, Pharma IQ have created a post-show report highlighting the most exciting takeaways from the 2019 Pharma Contract Manufacturing Forum.

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Other key benefits to downloading the full report:

  • An overview of the process pain points, with expert commentary on the critical gaps in our external manufacturing network and innovative solutions on how to fill them
  • A summary of the key challenges in 2020 and the changes that need to be implemented across the industry in order to meet these challenges
  • Key takeaways from the 2019 event
  • What does the future hold for Pharma Contract Manufacturing – an overview of the 2020 event

The Industry Guide to CMO Crisis Management

This guide was put together using insights from individuals working directly on Pharma/CMO relationships. In each case we asked individuals how they would tackle a particular CMO crisis and have collated their insights into this handy guide. Example of a CMO crisis included in this guide is; How would you collect and react fast if a batch was rejected in order to keep the supply chain safe?

Benefits and Challenges to Outsourcing Partnerships and How to Manage your External Partnership

What you will discover from the presentation:

The crucial make or buy question, and the special challenges with outsourcing bio-manufacture

Best practices for successful CDO or CMO partnerships

Understanding and mitigating the risks, and analyse how you can protect your IP

The considerations for complex supply networks and fast track projects

When to cut the cord: Moving on from your CMO Partner as a research based biotech

We were delighted to welcome Jan Gustafsson, Operations and External Partnerships Manager, Phico Therapeutics Ltd. to the Pharma Contract and Manufacturing conference, which took place last March in London. In this session he presented his expert insights into the "cutting the cord" - Moving on from your CMO Partner as a research based biotech. 

What you will discover from this presentation 

  • Understanding the biggest differences in CMO relationship paradigms between Big Pharma, Biotechs and research stage Biotechs
  • Identifying the warning signs that should encourage you to review whether you outsource or in-house manufacture
  • Creating a strategy to transition from outsourced manufacturing to in-house manufacturing that minimises production downtime and process disruption

If you like what you see, download the full presentation here by clicking download >> 

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Handbook

We have put together a handbook of exclusive information on some of the most pertinent issues facing the sector. This handbooks draws  on the discussions of leading experts and real-life experiences shared at the Pharma Contract Manufacturing conference, and will serve as a guide to navigating the challenges of Pharma/CMO relationships and best practises for building long-lasting strategic partnerships for the future.

How has Pharma Contract Manufacturing changed over the years?

Nowadays, nearly 80% of drugs currently FDA approved on behalf of small bio/pharma companies are contract manufactured, and 50% of products supported by mid-size companies use a CMO. In the lead up to the Pharma Contract Manufacturing Conference, Pharma IQ have looked at the evolution of the roles of CMOs and CDMOs in the industry, and what the future will bring for these organisations.