Pharmaceutical Digital Think Tank

23 February, 2021 | ONLINE - 3pm - 4pm GMT

How to keep your IP security posture as healthy as your patients

The pharma/biotech industry is now among the most targeted by financially-motivated cyber attacks.* This presents a challenge for Security leaders: How do pharmaceutical organizations protect sensitive data from mobile risk when the modern employee demands mobile access?

Mobile devices, corporate-owned or personal, have the same access to cloud resources as any desktop or laptop. Mobile applications such as Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Slack,  and Salesforce have made sensitive data easily accessible from smartphones and tablets.

Cybercriminals are targeting employee devices with phishing attacks to infiltrate corporate infrastructure and gain access to valuable data.

*Detica report in partnership with the UK’s Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Join this interactive C-level discussion with your peers to find out:


What does analysis of 200 million devices show as the most prevalent mobile threats targeting the pharma industry


How mobile security strategies will be adapted

 in 2021 as employees demand access to corporate resources from any device


How the pharmaceutical industry can achieve a measurable reduction in mobile security risk


What the pharmaceutical industry can learn from other industries - Schneider Electric case study

Download the Pharmaceutical Mobile Threat Report for:

  • An understanding of how mobile devices are introducing security risk
  • Mobile threat encounter rates in the pharma industry
  • Insight into the most common mobile attacks
  • What tactics are being using to infiltrate data