A One Page Guide to Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

Pharma IQ presents this interactive one page guide to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Implementation Plan

Managing Serialisation – Authentication and Track and Trace

In this article we will discuss publishing the related serialisation information and two of the common serialisation models, Authentication and Track and Trace. Product Information Notification Typically, once product packaging of one or more levels has been uniquely identified, this information, together with other information related to the product and manufacturer is passed to an external agency database. 

Tackling the Challenge of Serialisation and Traceability

As counterfeit drug sales become increasingly costly to both pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients, companies are attempting to address the challenges of serialisation and traceability to reduce the burden on health services across the world.

Drug Quality and Security Act- New US Legislation for Pharma Tracking

The American Government's Drug Quality and Security Act will have a big impact on pharma.  

Pharmaceutical Serialization & Traceability 2017 Market Research

The end of 2017 was peppered with compliance deadlines for the track and trace industry as it joined the combat against counterfeit pharmaceuticals. These regions include the likes of Canada, the US and Ukraine. Despite the urgency, many medicine manufacturers in the industry have been labelled as behind schedule. With time running low, take a look at Pharma IQ’s 2017 serialization research and benchmark where you sit in the race.