2016: Printable Worldmap - Serialisation Deadlines

As the serialisation industry prepares for various approaching deadlines all over the globe, Pharma IQ has created a printable map to assist with your worldwide track and trace compliance strategies.

Software Best Practises: Implementation & Data Integration

Effective data management is imperative to achieve regulatory compliance with a serialisation programme. Non-standard data exchange and integration methods are seen as one of the biggest hurdles in serialisation compliance.4

In light of the data responsibilities expected within serialisation projects, Pharma IQ consults with a selection of experts on software best practices - data integration and implementation.

Exclusive: Interview On GS1’s Traceability Guideline for Brazil

After around six months of consultation, global standards organisation GS1 is in the final stages of compiling its Brazilian Medicine Traceability using GS1 EPCIS Part 1 Implementation Guide.

In the lead up to this hotly anticipated document, Pharma IQ spoke to Eduardo Salles, Director da Dotter do Brazil who assisted with the creation of this GS1 file.

Industry Report: Global Traceability and Serialisation Pharma

In this Serialisation Report, Pharma IQ presents the findings of its latest industry survey while drawing trends on previous years to explore the shifts in industry consensus. Plus, Pharma IQ presents its printable Serialisation Deadline Worldmap.

10 Tips for Developing a Serialisation Strategy: Your Roadmap to Success!

The serialisation strategy of a company and the resultant serialisation service that delivers and maintains the capabilities required, needs to ensure that the requirements of legislation are understood and the capabilities are defined to meet those needs. Once serialisation capabilities become available, companies can then look to leverage them for product security and other benefits that are not directly driven by legislation. Pharma IQ presents a series of 10 tips for developing and implementing your serialisation strategy.

Traceability in Operation Market Research: Concerns and Priorities

Pharma IQ conducted some market research to pinpoint the concerns and priorities of those in the more mature phases of serialisation. Commentary supplied by Pasi Kemppainen, Executive Consultant, Pharma Serialization and Traceability.

Countdown to FMD Compliance: Is Europe Ready?

The repercussions of missing the serialisation deadline will have a significant and detrimental impact on the success and longevity of non-compliant businesses. Pharma IQ have spoken with two industry experts to understand their perspective on where the pharmaceutical industry stands in regards to FMD compliance, what challenges are being faced in meeting the deadline and the critical actions that need to be taken before 9th February 2019.

Industry Guide: Tracking & Packing for Pharmaceuticals

We have put together the very best content pieces from 2018 into a handy industry guide. This guide includes: The serialisation track and trace map 2018, tackling tampering in pharma packaging, smart packaging solutions and much more!

Serialisation Track and Trace Map 2018

By 2020, serialisation is expected to cover 80% of the global drug supply, but disparity between regulations in different parts of the world means high costs and complexity for companies in the supply chain. As global deadlines loom, we have created this printable map to provide an overview of various nations journey to serialisation.

The Challenges of Implementing Serialisation Outside the FMD

We have spoken with experts in the industry to better understand the specific challenges faced in emerging serialisation markets. This article will examine the issues these countries face in developing and implementing track and trace systems to help reduce the issue of counterfeit drugs and regulate pharmaceutical products as they pass through the supply chain.

Case Studies:The SME and CMO Perspectives

Pharma IQ spoke to Mark Davison, Chief Executive Officer at Blue Sphere Health Ltd to gain insight on his experience working with SME pharma & biotechs for serialisation. Also we spoke to Vetter pharma – a responsible CMO for their insight on how peer CMOs optimise their serialisation strategy.

2017 Industry Trend Report

This year’s research report maps out and measures the changes in consensus as the industry advances closer to an entirely track and traced pharmaceutical environment.

Download to view the results of the 2016 report. 

Pharma Serialisation Agenda Road Map

No matter where you are in your serialisation journey the 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Serialisation & Traceability Summit has all the information you need. Topics ranging from early implementation all the way to implementing your level 4 communication strategy.

Serialisation Implementation Timeline

In the absence of a one-size-fits all-approach, after consulting with industry experts, Pharma IQ proposes this framework for key milestones within a sustainable serialisation strategy - in which firms can choose customize in relevance to their requirements.

Serialisation: Top Tech Integration Considerations

Roger Bate from the American Enterprise Institute estimates that global economy is hit by $10 billion in losses due to counterfeit and substandard medicines alone.

Undoubtedly, technology stands as a keystone in a controlled track and trace system.

In this eBook we look at the key considerations organisations face in finding the right technologies and focus on the strategies for integration to ensure a successful serialisation project.


Acceleration, Optimisation and Beyond Compliance

As many pharmaceutical manufactures and CMOs are scrambling to implement serialisation and traceability technologies to comply with regulatory mandates, others are simultaneously exploring how these systems can actually go further than compliance - to improve supply chain planning and operations, speed up product recalls, and improve sales and marketing strategies. Pharma IQ spoke with experts in the industry to discuss moving beyond compliance in serialisation and their predictions as to how successful the regulations will be at reducing the presence of counterfeit pharmaceuticals on an international scale.

The Final Stages of Serialisation

Ahead of the Serialisation and Traceability Summit 2017 we conducted extensive market research to pinpoint the concerns and priorities of those in the more mature phases of serialisation.

Serialisation Track and Trace Map 2017

The global pharmaceutical industry is moving towards a serialised world. In over 40 countries, regulatory mandates to secure the supply chain are already in place or in development. We have created this printable map to provide an overview of various nations’ progress in their serialisation journey.