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Human Factors and Accessible Medical Technology Specialist, FDA

Today a software revolution is happening in the medical device industry. As hardware becomes more powerful and more affordable, expanded capabilities and differentiation are being designed into the software. Devices are now linked to smartphones and tablets to provide real-time data, enhancing the clinical and patient experience. In order to survive in this highly regulated and competitive market, companies must move one step ahead of emerging trends by selecting new and innovative software design technologies that are in line with the latest regulations and track where the industry is going.

We designed compelling content streamed through interactive panel/roundtable discussions, case studies, keynote sessions, a one of a kind off-site visit to MD PnP Labs of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School - and other interactive program formats led by the industries brightest minds. All designed for you take back valuable insights and instruction to your organization, manufacturing facility, hospital, and research lab. 

Top Benefits of Attending:

Address the latest regulatory requirements related to UDI, human factors cybersecurity, MDUFA, MDR and IVDR

Learn how to reduce medical device costs by using an effective software development strategy while improving speed to market

Establish quality assurance processes, techniques & controls throughout the development lifecycle

Improve Cyber Security & Risk Management Strategies to bolster patient privacy and protection

Increase Interoperability & Connectivity between systems and across devices to maximize the use of big data and analytics

Explore how to better utilize Human Factors engineering and collaborate with different stakeholders including physicians, patients and drug manufacturers to improve user experience

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