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How Technology is Disrupting Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device sales are booming, driven by technological advances and the needs of an aging population. The medical device market is one of the strongest segments of the economy for U.S. manufacturers, a Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation report shows. Demand for electromedical and medical equipment and supplies is strong, led by demand for devices for in vitro diagnostics, cardiology, orthopedics, diagnostic imaging and ophthalmics. The global market for medical devices will grow at 4.1 percent annually to 2020, reaching $477.5 billion at that time, projects Evaluate Ltd. As the market grows, new innovations are promoting a trend toward the integration of medical devices and home healthcare systems. To meet this growing demand, medical manufacturing is adapting disruptive technologies that are reshaping manufacturing as a whole and displacing established practices. Here’s a look at some of the disruptive trends that are transforming medical manufacturing.

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