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Increasing product speed, agility and scale in the lab.

How pharma companies and industry leaders can reset for growth in the lab beyond coronavirus.

In the era of “fast-moving products” and digital disruption, pharma companies are battling with customer demand to deliver products to market at increased speed and scale.

With Covid-19 severely disrupting research and development (R&D) operations, pharma leaders need to ever-more prepare to safeguard patients and employees, adapt operations for recovery in a pandemic economy and deliver drugs to market quickly where these products are most needed.  

Central to this mission is making significant investments to increase uses of digital technologies to truly digitization the value chain, from R&D through to commercialization, positively impacting drug discovery and delivering products to market on-time, at scale.

In this online series, with an exclusive debate session, we tackle some of the key challenges affecting manufacturing, data management and R&D in the lab.  

Featured Speakers

Day One - Tuesday 9th March

2:00-2:10pm [GMT]
Notes on the industry from the Editor of Pharma IQ

Laboratory 4.0 – who needs it and to what extent? Find out how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted lab activity in 2020 and why digital innovation is critical for surviving the ever-changing scientific landscape.

SPEAKER: Emily Uwemedimo, Editor of Pharma IQ and Pharma Logistics IQ

2:10-3:00pm [GMT]
Three years faster to market: How to accelerate your biopharmaceutical development into the digital age

Biopharma 4.0 is a bold vision, with smart factories and process automation, driven by real time data to constantly ensure quality and efficiency. The journey towards this vision starts with improving process understanding and characterization, supported by advances in technology such as high throughput process development as well as advances in data sciences that enable in-silico process development. In this session IDBS will share best practices for driving speed and innovation as labs struggle with the increases in data from equipment, instruments and sensors.

SPEAKERS: Matthew Clifford, Senior Product Manager at IDBS 

Unjulie Bhanot, Solution Owner, Biopharma Development at IDBS

David Levy, Head of Product Management at Scitara

Adam Paton, Biologics Director at Synthace

3:00-3:50pm [GMT]
How chemicals and materials organizations are implementing data-driven R&D

Out-of-the-box IT infrastructure requires configuration capabilities to manage end-to-end workflows and roles as a pre-requisite to ensure project success. In this session, Dotmatics will demonstrate their approach to managing data, workflow complexity and diversity in chemicals and materials R&D. They will also dive into solution-driven case studies to drive digitalization excellence in the lab.

SPEAKER: Max Petersen, Associate VP of Chemicals and Materials Marketing at Dotmatics

4:00-4:50pm [GMT]
Solving data science and archiving with a FAIR data-hub

It is time to harvest the fruits of digital transformation. ZONTAL offers the first FAIR data-hub that makes all digital assets ready for data science. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how FAIR data checks all the boxes for compliant data archiving and preservations. We will also show how ZONTAL customers create FAIR data and replace old archives all in one go without using a digital hub.

SPEAKER: Dennis Della Corte, Chief Science Officer at ZONTAL 

Day Two - Wednesday 10th March

2:00-2:50pm [GMT]
Ensuring sustainable lab operations during and after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new level of urgency for R&D organizations to move faster and adapt to more complex and high-risk environments with even less margin for error. Operating in the lab now requires staff to perform work that does not warrant a physical presence in the lab and remote access to data. In this panel, the speakers will offer advice on implementing workflow automation to mitigate operational risk, optimizing lab scheduling and preparing for remote work. Learn how to leverage advanced solutions and help teams build sustainable performance goals and operational excellence in the lab.

SPEAKERS: Stephen Hayward, Technical Marketing Manager at Dassault Systèmes

Felipe Albrecht, Bioinformatics and Computer Scientist at Pharma Research and Development, Roche

3:00-3:50pm [GMT]
Driving innovation and efficiency in the lab through digital continuity

Making sure data from across the product lifecycle is complete, available and usable is vital for the success of any R&D organization. In this session, we will share lessons on how to integrate a single source of truth for data collection, so companies can optimize innovation and process efficiency to accelerate the manufacture of industry-leading products.

SPEAKER: Haydn Boehm, Head of Commercial Marketing - Connected Lab at Merck Group

4:00-4:50pm [GMT]
R&D digital revolution: Accelerating science through smart connected laboratories

Current scientific R&D workflows are manual, inefficient and inconsistent driven by lack of integration between hardware and software infrastructure. Smart, machine learning and automated labs are more important today than ever before to overcome industry challenges and propel R&D in life sciences. During this interactive roundtable discussion, Strateos alongside industry experts from Eli Lilly, Hamilton, eMolecules, and Chemspeed, will cover the advantages of next-generation smart labs – control and automation of on premise scientific workflows, and remote access to a complete automated life sciences laboratory from a web browser.

SPEAKERS: Peter Lee, Director of Science and Technology at Strateos 

Dan Sipes, SVP of Operations and Strategy – San Diego Site Head at Strateos 

James Beck, Research Fellow at Eli Lilly

Diana Curran, Head of Operations – Americas at Chemspeed Technologies

Michael Schneider, Senior VP, Business Development at Chemspeed Technologies

David James, Senior VP, Product Management at eMolecules

Mark Hurst, Director of Sales - US West at Hamilton

Eric Sindelar, Director of Applications at Hamilton

Alvaro Cuevas, Sr. Software Product Manager at Hamilton

Debate Day - Thursday 11th March

                                                                             2:00-2:50pm [GMT]
[Live debate] Lab of the future strategy: Automation vs. Augmentation

As technology continues to advance in the lab, it is nearly impossible to shy away from the revolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in scientific research and its utility in the lab space. In this debate roundtable, experts will argue two main trends leveraging AI: automation and augmentation. The experts will deep dive into the benefits of both views and discuss how the pharma industry can profit from digital innovation and prepare for the challenges it brings.

SPEAKERS: Célia Gasselin, Growth Coordinator at LabTwin

Christos Varsakelis, Team Lead AI/ML at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Mathew Divine, Senior Data Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim

Previous Attendees Include:

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