09 - 11 March, 2021 | 4th Annual Edition

Driving growth at scale with digital innovation in the lab
Increasing product speed, agility and scale in the lab

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How pharma companies and industry leaders can reset for growth in the lab beyond coronavirus

In the era of “fast-moving products” and digital disruption, pharma companies are battling with customer demand to deliver products to market at increased speed and scale.

With Covid-19 severely disrupting research and development (R&D) operations, pharma leaders need to ever-more prepare to safeguard patients and employees, adapt operations for recovery in a pandemic economy and deliver drugs to market quickly where these products are most needed.  

Central to this mission is making significant investments to increase uses of digital technologies to truly digitization the value chain, from R&D through to commercialization, positively impacting drug discovery and delivering products to market on-time, at scale.

In this online series, we tackle some of the key challenges affecting manufacturing, data management and R&D in the lab.  

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Day 1 - Tuesday 9th March

2:00-2:10pm [GMT]
Notes on the industry from the Editor of Pharma IQ

Laboratory 4.0 – who needs it and to what extent? Find out how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted lab activity in 2020 and why digital innovation is critical for surviving the ever-changing scientific landscape.

SPEAKER: Emily Uwemedimo, Editor of Pharma IQ and Pharma Logistics IQ

2:10-3:00pm [GMT]
From lab to innovation leader: How to drive growth at scale with an end-to-end data management solution

To ensure scientists can securely capture, manage, share and gain insight from structured and unstructured data, IBDS will share best practices for managing data and workflows so scientists can spend more time on what they do best – science.


3:00-3:50pm [GMT]
A blueprint to doubling the speed of digital innovation

Poor data management in the lab often hampers R&D innovation and business growth. Discover how Dotmatics doubled the efficiency of its data by developing a digital solution to generate more time for analysis rather than data gathering.


4:00-4:50pm [GMT]
Predictive and prescriptive analytics explained for improved lab performance

Pharma companies worldwide are continuously looking to achieve better quality and performance at scale. Join this session to understand how to extract meaning from huge volumes of data using predictive and prescriptive analytics for improved decision-making, lower operating costs and an enhanced lab environment.


Day 2 - Wednesday 10th March

2:00-2:50pm [GMT]
Driving innovation and efficiency in the lab through digital continuity

Making sure data from across the product lifecycle is complete, available and usable is vital for the success of any R&D organization. In this session, we will share lessons on how to integrate a single source of truth for data collection, so companies can optimize innovation and process efficiency to accelerate the manufacture of industry-leading products.


3:00-3:50pm [GMT]
Preparing your lab for future with an AI-powered digital assistant

Data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced analytics are growing in use across the R&D space, promising new levels of efficiency and augmented scientific capabilities. In this session, we look into the realities of implementing an AI-powered tool in the lab and how companies can proactively prepare for this disruptive technology.


4:00-4:50pm [GMT]
Sustainable development goals to future-proof your Covid-19 recovery plans

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new level of urgency for R&D organizations to move faster and adapt to more complex and high-risk environments with even less margin for error. In this panel, our speakers offer advice on implementing workflow automation to mitigate operational risk and how to continue to invest in the development of advanced solutions while helping teams build sustainable performance goals and operational excellence in the lab.


Day 3 - Thursday 11th March

2:00-2:50pm [GMT]
Tackling data integrity, management and storage in a cost-effective and compliant way

Historically, discovery data has been siloed with limited opportunity for analysis. With the volume and variety of data increasing, storage, management and data integrity are becoming key challenges for the laboratory. This session will share insight on how to transform your data practices, incorporate FAIR from the start and minimize costs.


3:00-3:50pm [GMT]
Reimagining innovation: What does the future of the lab hold?

The pace of innovation continues to advance, with new tools and solutions continuing to emerge. But what new tech is set to have the biggest impact on the way we work? In this session, we analyze some of the most cutting edge technology on the market to give you insight on what stands out.


4:00-4:50pm [GMT]
Accelerating digital innovation, growth and agility inside and out 

In today’s rapidly changing business and economic landscapes, successful R&D organizations are implementing digital initiatives such as robotic systems, automation, AI and cloud computing for a flexible, modular working environment to accelerate product development, improve quality and compliance, enhance customer safety and reduce cost. In this panel session, experts will debate the different ways the pharma industry can benefit from digital innovation and prepare for the challenges they bring. 


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