17 - 18 February, 2020


Download the 2019 Smartlab Exchange Agenda

We are currently in the process of updating the SmartLab Exchange Europe 2020 Agenda. Please download last year's agenda to see the topics explored at last year's Exchange, plus the full speaker faculty of senior laboratory leaders.

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SmartLab Post Event Report 2017

Download the 2017 post- event report now to find out what happened at the 2017 exchange, who attended, who was in the amazing speaker line up and review of the industry highlights.

The Smartlab Archive

Drive Success Through Innovation: Change Management And Adoption

Yan Song, Assistant Director of Bioanalysis Operations at Abbvie, talks about the importance of change management and the desperate need for innovation and ingenuity from within the pharmaceutical industry.

Building Your Smart Laboratory: Automation, Data Management, Compliance And New Technologies

Watch Evan Guggenheim (Biogen Idec), Robert Boland (Johnson & Johnson) and Steve Thomas (GSK) present and discuss the challenges and problems with integrating new data management solutions in the laboratory. The panel discuss change management and the complexities involved in implementing LIMS and ELN solutions. 

Interview with the Director of Enterprise Architecture at Merck: Managing Big Data

Andrew Porter, Director of Enterprise Architecture at Merck, talks about the key issues his company is facing with respect to managing Big Data. For Andrew, dealing with data poses challenging questions about regulatory compliance, privacy and accessibility of the data. 

Interview: Bayer Pharma

Gernot Goeller, Head O&I CoE ED&CMC at Bayer Pharma who played a vital role when his organisation made the transition to a paperless lab shares his advice and discusses the main benefits of developing a paperless lab. Gernot also finishes off by telling us how he thinks the vendor community...

The Emerging Importance of the Cloud in Smartlabs

Andrew discusses the pressures pharmaceutical companies are currently facing with respect to Big Data. The explosion of data in recent years has caused serious challenges in the security, analytics and management of sensitive information. This presentation offers an exclusive insight into one of the main issues pharmaceutical companies are attempting...

Quickfire Presentation with GSK: Building Your Smart Laboratory: Automation, Data Management, Compliance and New Technologies

This presentation from Steve Thomas, Principal Investigator at GSK, focuses on how laboratory scientists are changing the way they enter their clinical data. Steve discusses the role of new software and its impact on research.

Standardisation and Integration Tool Box

With 80% of lab informatics professionals highlighting laboratory integration as a long-term strategic goal within their organization, we have created an infographic ahead of the Smartlab Exchange to help you achieve this. This infographic will provide you with top tips and insights on product development cycles and the implications for...

Driving Quality and Productivity Through Intelligent use of Laboratory Data: Why Market Leadership Matters

Dimitris Agrafiotis, Chief Data Officer at Covance, talks about the spiralling costs of clinical trials and how solutions such as data warehousing are playing an important role in improving R&D efficiency.

Transform Your Data into Knowledge: How to use Data to Drive Intelligence and Improve R&D Productivity

Join Eric Milgram (PepsiCo), Vijay Bulusu (Pfizer), Anthony Williams (Royal Society of Chemistry) and Dimitris Agrafiotis (Covance) as they discuss the biggest challenges with data conversion and how they drive intelligence and improve R&D productivity.

Building Your Laboratory Informatics Strategy: The Benefit of Reference Architectures & Data Standardisation

Listen to Dana Vanderwall, Director of Bioinformatics at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Wolfgang Colsman, CTO at OSTHUS GmbH, talk about the benefits of data standardisation and how to integrate different data systems.

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SmartLab Exchange Europe - Post Event Report 2019

If you missed the Smartlab Exchange in February 2019, you don’t need to worry because we’ve put together the highlights from in one detailed report. You’ll discover which of your peers attended, what their investment priorities and interest areas were and how you can get involved in our 2020 Exchanges.Don’t...

10th Anniversary Report: 10 Years of Smartlab

Ahead of the 2019 Smartlab Exchange, which marks the 10th year of this exclusive innovative learning and director-level networking exchange event, we have created this report outlining the changing landscape of customer experience in laboratory automation in the last decade.

Top 12 Investment Priorities for Smartlabs 2019

Ahead of the 2019 Smartlab Exchange in Berlin, attendees were asked what their top challenges were and where they plan to spend their budget over the next 6 - 18 months.This infographic is a perfect snapshot to see where your competitors and peers are focusing their time, energy and most...

SmartLab Post Event Report 2018

Missed the Exchange? Download the 2018 Post-Event Report now to find out what happened, industry highlights, who attended plus more!

Data Standards and the Scientific Community

The Smartlab Exchange has partnered with SiLA, Allotrope Foundation, the PSI and AnIML, all of whom will be attending the twin annual meetings in the US and Europe later in the year. This eBook was created to provide senior laboratory leaders with comprehensive insights into the latest trends and developments...

Eurofins Interview: Establishing an Offshore Software Quality Assurance Office

Elias Chbeir, Senior IT Director, QA at Eurofins explores the way his company has worked to establish an offshore Software Quality Assurance Office as they out source and externalise their IT processes. Download the interview and find out: The benefits of externalising IT services abroad The 3 critical success factors...

SmartLab Annual Report 2018

The SmartLab Exchange has partnered with industry professionals to provide the 2017/2018 Annual Lab Report. You will learn what CERN, Monsanto and the Allotrope's are doing to manage large and complex sets of data as well as find out what top investments for 2018 and beyond are for your peers. ...

Interview: Bindu Raghavan, R&D IT Platform Lead, Monsanto

Bindu Raghavan, R&D IT Platform Lead, Monsanto spoke to the SmartLab Exchange about her how her scientific background helps working with business partners, what digitialisation means for Monsanto and what tech has the greatest impact on R&D in the lab in the future!Download now to find out more!

SmartLab Exchange Europe Delegate Analysis 2018

Download now to find out what the 2018 top investment priorities are for senior lab informatic leaders!