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Understanding Lab Informatics Professionals Top Challenges and Investment Priorities for 2016

Ahead of the Smartlab Exchange we have conducted an exclusive survey with over 100 senior lab informatics professionals across the world to discover their top challenges and investment priorities for 2016 and beyond. Download the report to find out:
  • The key trends, developments and solutions impacting the industry and the speed of lab transformation across the world for 2016
  • Top projects for lab informatics professionals in 2016
  • The key challenges lab informatics professionals face when investing in new solutions 
And much more!

Data Standards and the Scientific Community

The Smartlab Exchange has partnered with SiLA, Allotrope Foundation, the PSI and AnIML, all of whom will be attending the twin annual meetings in the US and Europe later in the year. This eBook was created to provide senior laboratory leaders with comprehensive insights into the latest trends and developments within the vast and complex information ecosystem in the life sciences.

Eurofins Interview: Establishing an Offshore Software Quality Assurance Office

Elias Chbeir, Senior IT Director, QA at Eurofins  explores the way his company has worked to establish an offshore Software Quality Assurance Office as they out source and externalize their IT processes. 

Download the interview and find out:

  • The benefits of externalizing IT services abroad
  • The 3 critical success factors of an offshore IT department which guarantee universal scientific quality in the lab
  • How to overcome the biggest obstacles associated with offshoring IT operations

Enjoy the interview!