Conference Day 1

8:00 am - 8:30 am Day One Registration and Morning Coffee

8:30 am - 8:40 am TCL IN REVIEW: Looking back over the years, where are we now as a forum and as an industry

After 18 years of the TCL Forum, we thought it was time to take a bit of a look back at where we started as a
conference and how the industry has evolved over the past 18 years. A walk down memory lane for many of our
attendees and a snapshot of what you’ve missed for those of you joining us for the first time!

8:40 am - 8:50 am Introducing our 2020 Advisory Board and Chairman’s opening remarks

Meet the names and faces of the industry leaders who have helped to shape our 2020 agenda
• Examine what ‘industry transformation,’ ‘process excellence’ and ‘industry 4.0’ actually means for a variety of manufacturers
• Identify the biggest operational challenges in efficient global logistics at the moment including the effect of Brexit
and other socio-political challenges
• Discuss solutions and strategies to move past these hurdles

Richard Peck

Global Head of Process Controlled Transportation CoE


Daniel Lehner

Export & Distribution Manager
Vifor Pharma


Chris Wallace

Senior Director, International Supply Chain Operations
Genzyme Europe


Steven Claus

Global Head of Logistics

9:20 am - 9:50 am Mapping the future: How effective data utilisation will transform our global supply chains

Gisli Herjolfsson - Founder and CEO, Controlant
 - Discuss how real-time temperature monitoring can build end-to-end supply chain visibility to reduce waste, ensure quality and safety, improve collaboration, and deliver tangible ROI
 - Examine how this technology is already applied and pinpoint the value through industry use cases

Gisli Herjolfsson

Founder and CEO

9:50 am - 10:20 am Building an effective shipping validation strategy from the SME biotech perspective

Jonathan Baker - Vice President, Head of Supply Chain, Oxford BioMedica
• Identify the priorities of SME and bio-based companies when structuring a global shipping validation strategy
• Discuss the impact of FDA audits on the development and implementation of Oxford BioMedica’s shipping
validation strategy

Jonathan Baker

Vice President, Head of Supply Chain
Oxford BioMedica

10:20 am - 10:50 am Morning Coffee Break

• Examine the risks associated with migrating your air freight shipments to sea freight channels
• Discuss the critical success factors to effectively manage the sea freight transition

Fabian de Paoli

Director - Warehousing, Shipping and Cold Chain Management
GSK Biologicals


Jeroen Janssens

Senior Manager, Centre of Excellence for Packaging & Cold Chain
GSK Vaccines

• Analyse the unexpected costs of change when utilising sea freight for large volume shipments
• Confer on mitigation strategies to address these challenges across global lanes in real time

Mark Edwards

EMEA Freight Lead and Head of Temperature Control Logistics

• Hear how Teva have found rolling out a global RTM solution
• Pinpoint critical success factors – and what to watch out for – to ensure a smooth implementation roll out

Simona Vatzova

Director EU Transportation

  • Getting the basics right – data quality and accuracy
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • The future – automated product disposition

Richard Peck

Global Head of Process Controlled Transportation CoE


Nina Nilsson

Chief Revenue Officer

In an increasingly interconnected world, the unambiguous identification of objects plays an essential role in connecting data from different sources. Standards are the foundation for making enterprise-wide IoT solutions open, future-proof, and scalable.

Oliver Puthe

Senior Manager

Rainer Kirch - Head of Logistics, Foreign Trade & Mobility, Boehringer Ingelheim
• Assess global trade routes to identify common areas of delay or risk
• Build a proactive foreign trade management strategy facilitate effective regional market management

Rainer Kirch

Head of Logistics, Foreign Trade & Mobility
Boehringer Ingelheim

Dave Rushton - Founder, Paradigm Shift Consulting, Good Distribution Practice Consultancy
• Examine how achieving compliance with global GDP regulations is changing and move to be proactive with your quality management
• Benchmark your GDP operations against real life case studies

Dave Rushton

Paradigm Shift Consulting, Good Distribution Practice Consultancy

• Map out the similarities and differences between FDA and EMEA regulations for effective market management
• Consider the needs of new and emerging markets for your supply to avoid misalignment of expectations and capabilities
Daniel Lehner - Export & Distribution Manager, Vifor Pharma
Marc Evrard - Logistics Validation Manager, Vifor Pharma
• Examine how Vifor Pharma have approached their digitalisation rollout both internally and externally
• Discuss areas of smooth implementation – and some that needed adjustment!

Daniel Lehner

Export & Distribution Manager
Vifor Pharma


Marc Evrard

Logistics Validation Manager
Vifor Pharma

Ruud van der Geer - Assoc. Director Supply Chain Management EMEA, MSD
• Analyse what IoT and Blockchain really mean in the context of your global supply operation
• Examine the MSD approach to “Digital Logistics” and how E2E supply chain monitoring has improved both efficiency and integrity across the networks

Ruud van der Geer

Assoc. Director Supply Chain Management EMEA

Chris Wallace - Senior Director, International Supply Chain Operations, Genzyme Europe
• Hear how internal team management is integral to ensuring smooth logistics management in times of change such as company mergers and acquisitions
• Build resilience and flexibility internally to ensure that change management is embraced rather than avoided!

Chris Wallace

Senior Director, International Supply Chain Operations
Genzyme Europe

Carl Spörri - Chief Commercial Officer, Modum
• Examine the shift to personalised treatments and the supply chain implications– how can emerging technologies support temperature controlled logistics?
• Discover how blockchain drives supply chain automation
• Discuss data driven insights using AI for supply chain optimisation – based on cases and applications at Modum

Carl Spörri

Chief Commercial Officer

1:05 pm - 2:25 pm Networking Lunch

1:10 pm - 2:10 pm VIP Entry: Lunch and Learn with Inmark on The LEAN Cold Chain:

The LEAN Cold Chain: Find Efficiency Through Modularity and Multi-Task Solutions

Jerry Ferracamo has an expansive background in the technical aspects of cold chain packaging design and is responsible for the design and development of many systems used by the industry.  Before joining Inmark, Jerry spent time with Cold Chain Technologies and Genzyme.  Now currently serving as the Product Development Manager for Inmark, Jerry strive to create designs that balance performance and cost, bridge the technical and the practical, in an effort to help companies move temperature-sensitive goods, delivering their life-changing therapies to their patients. 

• Identify how Janssen are accessing resource limited markets whilst reducing the cost of transportation and increasing supply security
• Examine how they have built a temperature compliant rail supply network and the challenges along the way

Gino Vleugels

Senior Manager EMEA Temperature Control

• Discuss how the APAC region differs from more established markets and what this means for achieving market standardisation
• Hear how MSD Singapore have been building an APAC centric strategy to effectively translate their HQ quality mandates

Helene Gueguen Ep Proquin

Director, External Quality Distribution & Logistics, EMEA & Asia Pacific

Omri Machnay - Supply Chain Director, Pluristem Therapeutics
• Discuss the unique challenges of global ATMP supply chains and the challenges of building a lean and efficient global supply network for these products
• Hear how Pluristem have achieved the capability to deliver products globally in only 4 hours

Omri Machnay

Supply Chain Director
Pluristem Therapeutics

Rob Dekkers - Global Logistics SPECT/PET and Dangerous Goods Compliance, GE Healthcare
• Ensure a scalable distribution strategy by preempting the bottle necks when dealing with controlled or sensitive products
• Keep compliance at the forefront of scalability strategies to minimise the cost and impact of misalignment later on

Rob Dekkers

Global Logistics SPECT/PET and Dangerous Goods Compliance
GE Healthcare

Jackie Pomroy - Former Head of Supply Chain and eBusiness, NHS South of England Procurement Services
• Preempt unforeseen last mile hurdles by mapping your distribution to the point of delivery to identify possible weaknesses
• Facilitate effective communication by discussing the needs and priorities of each party to optimise your stakeholder collaboration

Jackie Pomroy

Former Head of Supply Chain and eBusiness
NHS South of England Procurement Services

John Preston - Director of Wholesale Quality, Phoenix Medical
• Engage with the wholesaler perspective on last mile management and hear how Phoenix Medical are building a compliant inter-country road network
• Discuss the challenges of multisite and multi-customer deliveries on maintaining temperature requirements

John Preston

Director of Wholesale Quality
Phoenix Medical

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Afternoon Coffee Break

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Planning for success: Optimising your warehousing to ensure lean and compliant global distribution

Johannes Demmer - Global Warehousing Manager, Bayer
• Optimise warehousing in 2 dimensions:
• Location in a network to serve customer while balancing with available labor, facilities and transportation options
• Setup for operation: design main warehousing cost drivers for efficient and flexibility
• Future Chances: Develop requirements towards industry standard for warehousing services

Johannes Demmer

Global Warehousing Manager

• Discuss when to bring procurement into the supply chain transformation conversation and what to look for when identifying areas to streamline your investment
• Examine the concept of investing to save money through risk reduction - when can spending be tied to cost reduction

Tejo Kudaravalli

Global Category Manager - Primary Distribution


Jonathan Botteselle

Global Category Manager - Global Supply Chain Procurement


Julian Wann

Global Category Leader Freight & Logistics

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Putting the patient first: Ensuring temperature control compliance is critical to more than just the bottom line

Gianne Olaes-Dénis - Global Supply Chain Quality Manager & RP, Sanofi Genzyme
Roman Mijnhart - Sr. Director Global Supply Chain Quality, Sanofi Genzyme
  • Improve supply chain efficiency through closer involvement from the stakeholders at the end of the chain: making patient centricity a KPI not an optional extra
• Analyse how improved patient involvement and education improves supply security and patient adherence

Gianne Olaes-Dénis

Global Supply Chain Quality Manager & RP
Sanofi Genzyme


Roman Mijnhart

Sr. Director Global Supply Chain Quality
Sanofi Genzyme