Pre-Conference Workshop Day

9:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop A: Cutting the cost of compliance: GDP compliance on the ground

Dave Rushton - Founder, Paradigm Shift Consulting, Good Distribution Practice Consultancy
We all know that compliance comes at a cost – But the question is how high should that cost be? And how do you know
where you can streamline your investment and where an injection of funds will generate a stronger ROI?
In this hands-on and interactive workshop, GDP specialists Paradigm Shift Consulting will talk you through practical GDP
inspection findings and how you can be proactive in your preparation to avoid unexpected hurdles and unforeseen costs!

Attend this workshop to:
  • Discuss the minimum requirements for global GDP compliance and how you can comply without breaking the bank
  • Develop your current risk management and compliance monitoring strategies– what are your current risk management & monitoring processes
  • Benchmark against your colleagues and competitors to ensure that your company
  • Manage risk, investment and compliance across completely different temperature zones globally

Dave Rushton

Paradigm Shift Consulting, Good Distribution Practice Consultancy

11:30 am - 1:30 pm Workshop B: Peering through the looking glass – what will the future of global logistics look like and how will we get there?

Richard Peck - Global Head of Process Controlled Transportation CoE, AstraZeneca
IoT, Blockchain, Advanced Analytics, digital transformation, process 4.0 – buzzwords or supply chain blockbusters?
In the race for lean, global and end to end logistics networks the latest industry adoption craze continues to centre
around digitalisation of the supply chain but this interactive workshop will look at where the global pharma logistics
industry is – and where these buzz words can actually be operationalised when you get back to the office!

Attend this workshop to:
  • Discuss the operationalisation of future technologies within the current logistics and supply chain paradigm – where are we now and what is holding us back?
  • Brainstorm how to predict disparate variables in your logistics and SC planning – and how to leverage these findings to mitigate weakness in global supply
  • Discover what practical processes you can put in place now to ensure your supply chain is future-proof

Richard Peck

Global Head of Process Controlled Transportation CoE

When assessing how to optimise and streamline your process it is easy to get stuck in single-process silos rather than
looking across your end to end global logistics network. This hands on and interactive workshop will deep dive into the
7 key elements for optimizing your global logistics and supply chain network, allowing attendees to break down the
network into individual processes before examining how to fit each element of the ‘puzzle’ together to optimise your
operational excellence from end to end.

The 7 key areas of discussion will be:
  1. Compliance Standards that meet regulations but are operationally process and cost effective - a joint view
  2. Shipping systems; passive, phase change, active – Show and tell, comparative data
  3. Qualification practices: Air, Road, Sea, and Rail. – Different methods available (chamber, route, by Individual, type or risk review)
  4. Lane Characterisation - Different models available
  5. Lane Risk Management – Different models available
  6. Operational Labelling/processes - High visual content with summary points on the varying Transport Modes; Air, Road, Sea, Rail
  7. Excursion Management – Facility / Shipments – qualification/stability considerations

Aude Louyot

Quality Manager for Cold Chain and Distribution
GSK Vaccines


Graham Martin

Former Supply Chain Excellence Manager, Logistics Consultant
Martin E2E Logistics Solutions Ltd