A Letter From Your 2016 Chairman

Graham Martin, Supply Chain Excellence Manager, Pfizer

"Welcome to IQPC 2016 Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe" 

It is with great pleasure that I have been invited and accepted to Chair this year’s event in Frankfurt, Germany. 

I have supported his event for many years as a delegate, an expert panel speaker and currently on the Cold Chain IQ Customer Expert Advisory Board representing the Customer base. There are many Conferences being developed and no doubt you have been inundated with requests as a delegate or guest speaker and we all review each request, to see what benefit it will give us individually and as a company that supports your attendance. Personally, I have found in my 22 years, that this type of event is best placed for where temperature solutions may be found and peer-to-peer contact is encouraged and evident. 

As you can see from the event title, there have been changes that are borne out of your feedback and the Customer Export Advisory Boards proposals to Cool Chain Europe. This will drive the event into, not just a ‘show and tell’ but a more collaborative solution based event where you can discuss your challenges with the vendors and your peers. This relies on your interaction during the event to ensure your needs are met and peer-to-peer contact established. 

In my 34 years in Logistics; with 22 years of those in Operational and Strategic Cold Chain and Temperature Sensitive Logistics, I have witnessed many changes in the regulatory and economic environment requiring frequent strategic review of the supply chain and solution development. 

The Importance of Logistics is growing and the need to innovate and compliance to regulations ever changing, to name a few! 
  • Globalisation of Supply Chains 
  • Third Party Contract Management 
  • Supply Chain Flexibility 
  • Supply Chain Visibility 
  • Direct to Consumer 
  • Emerging Markets 
  • Temperature Management 
  • Risk Management 
  • Regulatory Expectations 
  • Cost effectiveness 
  • Value Added Services 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
The list is growing…….! 

Industry experts forecast that in the future, companies will tailor the mode of transportation, warehousing and the depth of distribution in each country for the different pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Supply Chain flexibility and cost effective solutions will be the focus for many companies, with differing temperature requirements from the standards we see today (15C to 25C, 2C to 30C, 2C to 8C) to -20C, -15C to 25C, Cryogenic , compliance to label claim; storage and or transportation according the markets product license. This illustrates the need to develop different temperature solutions within the Supply Chain (ref: DHL Life Science Trends 2020 ). 

There is increasing competition for Pharma companies looking to drive down their costs, as markets and consumers demand lower price medicines, innovation in self-medication, in an aging population and access to medicines for all. 

Innovation is driving us to think about how the Logistics will need to change towards 2020 and beyond. Sequencing the human genome, silicon molecule structures, regenerative medicines, 3D printing, medical devices…all affect how we move product today and need to drive the strategy in the future. 

With this in mind, I would like to invite you to think about what you want from the forthcoming event and how we can together drive this event to be highly effective and develop further: 

Set yourselves four key objectives for this event:

a) Come Prepared!
  • What are you seeking to find? 
  • Who are your vendors and peers in the area you wish to find solutions? 
b) List three topics that are key to your solution development: 
  • Shipping systems 
  • Supply Chain Visibility 
  • Peer to Peer discussions etc…. 
c) Meet with the Vendors:
  • Challenge them to deliver or find a solution, based on your problem or challenge. 
  • What innovation is each vendor looking at towards the future and what is their focus? 
d) Meet with your peers:
  • Collaboration will enhance your knowledge, build trust, develop best practices, etc… 

I hope you will join me, in making this a highly enjoyable productive experience that delivers value to all. 

The success of this event, relies on your interaction with the vendors, meet with your peers - be present, be heard! 

“GET TALKING – we are listening!” 

Graham Martin 

Chairman - 2016