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For medical devices and medical equipment, typical software release cycle times are as long as 18-24 months. By using practices like test automation and living documentation, however, Embedded Software Specialists Bluefruit Software have been able to reduce this to just 3-4 months!

This interactive webinar will look at the benefits of reducing release cycles while also providing implementation advice for software development and product teams. The discussion will be based on examples from previous and current Bluefruit medical device projects, including work on a diagnostic device that has just achieved FDA and CE approval.

Hear practical examples and top-tips on:

Using living documentation on projects, including case studies from medical device projects and recent Bluefruit R&D work applying AI (neural networks) to products within the medical and life sciences space
Using both living documentation and test-automation to implement AAMI TIR45

Hosted by Paul Massey, Founder and Director, Bluefruit Software

Paul Massey, is the Founder and Director of Bluefruit Software, with over 25 years of firmware experience in quality critical environments. A big believer in conversations over presentations, Paul’s session will welcome questions and try to open up the topics for exploration as much as possible within the 45 minutes. 

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