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TMF & GCP Inspection Readiness Event Guide

TMF & GCP Inspection Readiness Event Guide

With leading experts from across both big and small pharma sharing their insights, the TMF & GCP Inspection Readiness Forum, is a unique event that brings together professionals to network and discuss key solutions to overcome challenges!

In 2020 we'll be covering topics such as:

  • Preparing for inspections
  • Maintaining effective sponsor and CRO oversight
  • Improving the quality of the TMF
  • Looking at the digitalisation of TMFs
  • Securing senior management support for TMF activities

As we welcome clinical professionals including:

  • Head of Clinical operations
  • Head of Data Management
  • Head of Clinical Documentation
  • Head of TMF/eTMF
  • TMF/eTMF Project Manager

View all speakers and sessions taking place this September here >>