EUDAMED goes live May 2020, US FDA UDI is already going strong and many other countries around the world have their own independent plans and timelines. UDIs have officially gone international, the deadlines are rapidly approaching, and in the EU there is no grace period

Are you ready for global UDI compliance?

Many medical device manufacturers are looking for clarity from regulators on what exactly is required of them, while still trying to interpret what guidance has already been released. One thing is clear though – UDI projects need to be starting now, to have any hope of meeting the upcoming timelines.

The greatest challenge of all is sure to be the sheer scale of building and maintaining a database that is capable of efficiently cleansing and validating UDI data while being able to submit to multiple different international datapools with their own requirements and standards – effective master data management with a view to global UDI compliance is truly an enormous task.

The European UDI Forum seeks to help provide answers to many of these challenges by uniting all the key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – device manufacturers, healthcare providers, regulators, classification organisations, UDI agencies, data standards bodies and technology solution providers. There is truly no other meeting like it in Europe; if you’re facing UDI compliance, you should be at this forum.

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Speakers Include:

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What Will be Covered?

  • European MDR UDI regulatory updates
  • UDI requirements and timelines around the world
  • Global harmonisation efforts
  • Practical case studies and lessons from manufacturer UDI projects
  • Master data management approaches and case studies
  • Data standards and interoperability (GS1 and GDSN, GMDN, HIBCC, ICCBBA, SNOMED, HL7)
  • Hospital UDI experiences and how to best leverage the data

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Who is The Forum For?

  • Medical device manufacturers, including;
    - UDI Project leaders & members
    - Regulatory Affairs
    - Quality
    - Labelling & packaging
    - IT
    - Supply chain
  • Regulators & notified bodies
  • Healthcare providers & practitioners
  • UDI Solution Providers

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