Complying with international requirements and standards to ensure global UDI compliance is a key challenge for medical device manufacturers and even more so in 2020 when pressures on compliance and communication are heightened by remote working and digital communication. Contending with changing deadlines and often ambiguous guidelines, manufacturers are looking for clarity from regulators on what exactly is required of them.

EUDAMED may have been delayed, but successful master data management with a view to global UDI compliance is still a truly enormous task. To have any hope of meeting the updated timelines, it is essential to have an effective master data strategy; however, building and maintaining a database that is not only capable of cleansing and validating UDI data but can also submit to numerous international datapools, is often easier said than done.

The Global UDI and Master Data Forum may be meeting digitally for 2020 but it remains the industries leading platform for answers to many of these challenges by uniting all key stakeholders via a digital platform. Join us online this 11-12th November from wherever you are in the world to hear directly from healthcare providers, notified bodies and medical device manufacturers as they work together to achieve global UDI compliance and effective master data management

Speakers Include:

What Will be Covered?

    • Global UDI regulatory updates - pre and post Covid!
    • UDI requirements and timelines around the world
    • Master data management approaches and case studies
    • Global harmonisation efforts
    • Practical case studies and lessons from manufacturer UDI projects
    • Data standards and interoperability (GS1 and GDSN, GMDN, HIBCC, ICCBBA, SNOMED, HL7)
    • Hospital UDI experiences and how to best leverage the data

Who is The Forum For?

  • Medical device manufacturers, including;
        - UDI Project leaders & members
        - Regulatory Affairs
        - Quality
        - Labelling & packaging
        - IT
        - Supply chain
  • Regulators & notified bodies
  • Healthcare providers & practitioners
  • UDI Solution Providers

Join us online this November to:


Build your master data strategy to enable global compliance


Hear from healthcare providers; learn how they use UDI, their challenges with UDI implementation as well as how medical device manufacturers can help


Update your understanding of the global regulatory landscape, by benchmarking against competitors and hearing directly from your colleagues


Gain practical advice for successful UDI implementation via case studies from large and small medical device manufacturers