Download the 2019 brochure

Download the 2019 brochure

View the 2019 brochure to see our expert speaker panel and full topic sessions.

What Will be Covered?

-       European MDR UDI regulatory updates

-        UDI requirements and timelines around the world

-       Global harmonisation efforts

-        Practical case studies and lessons from manufacturer UDI projects

-          Master data management approaches and case studies

-          Data standards and interoperability (GS1 and GDSN, GMDN, HIBCC, ICCBBA, SNOMED, HL7)

-       Hospital UDI experiences and how to best leverage the data 

European UDI Forum 2019 - Sample Attendee List

Download this year's attendee list to see what kind of people you could meet at European UDI Forum 2019!