Women In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Draft Agenda

Empower Yourself to Inspire Others 

The Women in Pharma Manufacturing forum is your chance to create a meaningful network that will support you on your career journey. Taking place in London, 10-11th December 2019, you will dive into career development topics such as: ‘Developing your Internal and External Credibility’, ‘Managing Cross-Country Teams’, ‘Building Confidence in the Workplace’, ‘ Spotting Talent and Cultivating it for Success’ and ‘Building and Leveraging an Effective Network’, all in the context of pharma manufacturing.

With men and women welcomed from all seniorities, the Women in Pharma Manufacturing forum is an opportunity to engage in innovative, interactive sessions; mentoring workshops; roundtables; and even an awards night - where we will recognise those whose efforts support diversity in pharma manufacturing, alongside highlighting commendable work in the industry. 

Download the 2019 draft agenda to take a look at our early speakers and the lessons they want to share with you.

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