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Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

An Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), also referred to as an electronic lab notebook, is a software program designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks. Lab notebooks in general are used by scientists and technicians to document research, experiments and procedures performed in a laboratory. ELNs can be divided into two categories: “Specific ELNs" contain features designed to work with specific applications, scientific instrumentation or data types and "Cross-disciplinary ELNs" or "Generic ELNs" are designed to support access to all data and information that needs to be recorded in a lab notebook.

The Global Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Forecast 2012



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By 2017, the global market for electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) is poised to reach $284...

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Mon, 12/12/2011
Top Trends in Laboratory Informatics

In the pharmaceutical industry's quest for cost cutting, no part of the drug development pipeline has been left untouched. Lab professionals are now expected to deal with increasing amounts of data in a shorter space of time, with smaller budgets...

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Sun, 12/04/2011
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Pharma IQ are joined today by Dr. Ian Berry, Principal Scientist, Applications Developer and eScience Manager for Evotec UK, to discuss Evotec's experiences of piloting and integrating an ELN.  


What Does The Future Hold For...

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Thu, 07/01/2010