[Webinar] The Easy Way to Transform your Discovery Workflow Productivity

How automating assay data collection, processing and initial analysis can free scientists to interpret data and make informed decisions, faster.

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04:00 PM - 04:45 PM GMT

Scientists need to be more efficient in the lab.

However, they’re facing larger, more complex data sets from a variety of sources at a greater rate than ever, along with an expectation of speeding up the discovery process.

If scientists want to spend more time focused on the outcomes of their research and less on processing and managing data, they need to find intuitive solutions.

In this webinar, we want to help you increase your throughput, improve how you manage your assay data and find exactly what data you need in the easiest way.

We’re going to walk through:

  • How to automate your assay analysis, classification and protocol maintenance to drive efficiency
  • How to turn your instruments into automated information gathering systems to drastically improve the quality of your data and the ease of recording it
  • How you can easily browse and find critical data using new tools
  • How easy to use, globally accessible interfaces can empower all members of your team
  • How standardization can provide the foundation for machine learning initiatives with both historic and future data sets

Our industry experts, Joseph Kennedy, Principal at Informatics Data Solutions and Andrew LeBeau, Associate VP of Biologics Marketing at Dotmatics, will guide you through this process.

Sharing insight into how you can reduce or eliminate manual tasks to focus your time on the actual acquisition and analysis of data needed to make discoveries.

We’ll also have an exclusive case study on how the integration of the Dotmatics Platform and the TetraScience Integration Engine:

  • Provides a plate reader workflow to give scientists more time to analyse results rather than going back and forth between data resources
  • Automates the loading of data into an ELN to reduce the time and possibility for error of manual steps
  • Allows scientists to focus more on experimental design and less on data management


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