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12 - 14 November 2019 | Online | Free-to-Attend

Day 1: Trial Management 

2pm-2:45pm [GMT] 
How better data and faster insights can ensure successful trial execution
On the road to submission, every day counts. But many organizations are facing a crisis of complexity. In this session, we discuss how to gather data in a smart way, transform information into actionable insights and create an effective feedback loop on the performance of your trial.

3pm - 3:34pm [GMT] 
Smart forecasting: How to quantify risk, track performance and manage the full scope of your trials
Risk based monitoring is fundamental for subject safety, data quality and operational efficiency. In this session, we’ll look at how you can quantify and tackle different risks in the clinical trial process and share mitigation strategies to keep you on target. In particular, we’ll look at how you can craft a systematic, prioritized, risk-based approach to clinical trial monitoring.

4pm-4:45pm [GMT] 
Tackling tricky trials – Innovative strategies to approach trial design for complex products
When it comes to certain therapeutic areas, the clinical trial process becomes even more complicated. In this session, our panel shares innovative ways that they have changed their approach to clinical trials to ensure strong efficiency gains on the path to approval.

Day 2: Trial Innovation

2pm-2:45pm [GMT] 
Agile insight: How to use analytics to make quicker and smarter decisions in trials
The adoption of analytical tools has helped to eliminate unnecessary processes, streamline activities and reduce key metrics. With clinical trials becoming increasingly complex, a well-designed approach to data and analytics to integrate these tools could increase the success of trials. In this session, we’ll review how you can use an integrated oversight into data to make smart, agile decision across the full trial process.

3pm-3:45pm [GMT] 
How new technology can change the patient experience in clinical trials
Patient facing technology has the potential to allow for richer and more frequent data collection without increasing the patient burden. However, it has yet to be widely adopted. In this session, we take an in depth look at the most impactful technology available to improve data quality and collection for both sponsors and patients. We also look at how to ensure a successful transition from pilot to full-scale implementation.

4pm-4:45pm [GMT] 
The hidden value of data to bring new products to trial
When only one in ten clinical trials leads to approval, it is crucial that the insights and data gained from unsuccessful trials are being used in a productive way. Throughout the course of a trial, a wealth of information is gathered. In this session, we’ll discuss how to best use your data to guide future drug developments and clinical strategy.

Day 3: Trial Engagement & Collaboration

2pm-2:45pm [GMT]
Using shared data to spot patterns in site activation, enrollment and retention
Many studies stumble and fail when it comes to the essential step of identifying and enrolling patients. In this session, we look at how you can leverage broad data on a multitude of trials to spot useful patterns and adapt your strategy to improve site activation and enrollment. We'll also discuss why finding the right type of patient is key to ensuring trial retention. 

3pm-3:45pm [GMT]
Improving R&D efficiency through a holistic approach to clinical trials
The pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis of declining ROI with R&D efficiency levels dropping year on year. Although many companies have dedicated substantial effort towards improving their large scale operational efficiencies, only 25% have integrated these efforts across the process. In this session, we'll discuss how to bring together your efficiency efforts to drive organizational and process change. Based on findings from ICON's landmark survey, we will offer practical strategies to show you how to overcome key process challenges to drive real operational change in your clinical trials. 

4pm-4:45pm [GMT]
Accessible trials: How new communication models can engage hard to reach patient communities
Recruiting and retaining patients is essential for the success of clinical trials, but many companies are struggling to reach the right patients. In this session, we share actionable strategies to help you connect with the patient community, with a particular deep dive on changing your approach to communicating trial information.