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Recently I attended one of your conferences in London, "Clinically Relevant Drug Transporters" very good, most informative. We were told that some of the presentations would be made available under
dereksaunders | (2 answers) | Answer
Hi Folks, I have a basic question. If I am using a contract manufacturing organization to produce my company's first drug product, who is responsible for paying the Establishment Registration Fee? Would it be my company (who is the Applicant/Spo
Jack | (1 answers) | Answer
What does GCP & GLP means
kandarp24 | (2 answers) | Answer
how titrations are used in the pharmaceutical industry?
belan.asaad | (2 answers) | Answer
In a GMP atmosphere in a pharma manufacturing industry, who should have the final authority to release a manufactured batch for distribution and sale. Is it Incharge QC or Incharge QA, where both incharges operate separately?
mmiran | (5 answers) | Answer
what is OOS & OOT ?
alizakir001 | (4 answers) | Answer
How easy (or difficult) is the transition from working with one CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) to another?
S Miyamoto | (1 answers) | Answer
i want to know the color of Gentamicin eye/ear drop 0.3% on shelf life wwther it will be colorless as initial or turned pale yellow on shelife peroid. because i read the leaflet of AMDIPHARMA product name Genticin 0.3% w/v Eye/Ear Drops.the did not
admin | (1 answers) | Answer
1. Can we manufacture Retinoids formulations in shared facility (used for manufacturing of general category formulations)? 2. Can we manufacture corticosteroids formulations in shared facility (used for manufacturing of general category formulations)
Balasahebj | (2 answers) | Answer
My name is Viorel Bungau and I am a general pratictioner ( family medicine). I am very passionate about Biochemistry and I reached to some interesting conclusions regarding the metabolism of the normal cell in generally and particularly of the neopla
449 results
of 45