14th Annual Cool Chain & Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Europe


Europe’s Largest Gathering of the Cool Chain and Temperature Controlled Logistics Community

The final echoes have finally died away from Luxembourg’s exhibition centre and the 400+ attendees of Cool Chain & CRT Logistics Europe are back at their desks, ready to really begin 2014. Finding themselves freshly armed with GDP inspection expectations, straight from the inspectors themselves, as well as the latest guide to bracketing, lane characterisation and qualifying climatic zones.

The name of the game…a more efficient, robust and transparent supply chain!

If you weren’t there (why not?!), here’s a summary of what you missed! Take a look at our media centre for more footage, interviews and presentations from Luxembourg 2014

Now it’s onto 2015… 

Every year the world’s decision makers and doers in the world of life sciences logistics and supply chain meet in Europe to collaborate on the direction of the industry, share best practice, and discover new concepts for supply chain success. 2015 is our 14th year of bringing the industry together, and the event theme will be: Next Generation Logistics.

  • What will the future hold for GDP inspections – how do we assess the criteria and expectations of global regulatory authorities?
  • How can new processes integrate with other next generation trends in data, supply chain visibility and improved collaboration?