3rd Corporate Health, Wellness & Benefits Summit


With healthcare costs increasing between 5-15% annually (faster than inflation or wages), corporate wellness programs are now viewed as critical to mitigating the financial impact of healthcare costs on the bottom line and to counteracting the effects of employee illness, injury, and absenteeism on workplace productivity.

Additionally, the recent Healthcare Reform Act will be increasing funding for corporate wellness programs (particularly those run by small and medium-sized businesses), so institutions need to determine how the new legislation affects them and how they may take advantage of it.

Join us at the 3rd Corporate Health, Wellness, & Benefits Summit to discover how to:

  • Implement integrated solutions to assemble a complete package of health, wellness, and benefits

  • Institute more effective ways of tracking and monitoring data to determine the success of your program

  • Identify best methods of motivating employees to boost participation

  • Learn about the implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s corporate wellness-related provisions

  • Expand your wellness program to address often-overlooked needs, such as safety and psychological wellbeing